'Nashville' Recap: Can Money Buy Forgiveness and a Liver?

Lessons Learned From This Week’s Episode

There were a few really important life lessons on Wednesday’s (April 29) episode of Nashville. But the most important one had to be this:

Fight like hell to get what you want, and if that doesn’t work, throw a million dollars and Tiffany necklaces at the problem.

Rayna spent the entire episode trying to strong arm Deacon’s sister into being his liver giver. She flew all the way to Biloxi to see Beverly at the diner where she works and the bar where she sings to coerce her into a live liver donation.

“Please, please save his life. This is an opportunity for you to make it right. Come on. He’s your brother. I’m not a match, and Maddie’s too young,” she begged.

It went on and on like that forever until Rayna sits in her car for a full-on ugly cry and then decides to let her checkbook do the talking. She gave Beverly a check for $1 million dollars before flying back to Nashville.

Just like her ex, Teddy, who tried to buy his daughters’ affection with Tiffany necklaces right before he had to disappear because of his bribery/prostitution scandal.

Other lessons Nashville taught us last night:

1. Teenagers will skip school to have near-sex in empty houses. When Deacon caught Maddie and Colt in bed, he had to have that awkward father-daughter talk that no fathers and daughters ever want to have. “As much as we both hate this moment, I gotta admit, I love being here to have it with you,” he tells her.

2. New mothers crave “life out there” -- to quote the Reba song -- and Juliette is no exception. Hence, the pop-up show on a Nashville rooftop even after Bucky told her she was "a tough sell" and wasn't right for an arena tour.

3. Dying gives you a whole new perspective on living. Deacon tells Juliette he needs tips on being more spontaneous because the truth is, he says, “We’re all dying.

4. You have to know when to fold ‘em. Luke was hanging out in Malibu with Jade St. John. They made out by the beach, they frolicked by the pool, and she threw a party -- with aerial silk dancers, mermaids, tight security, a lot of shirtless guys but, sadly, no tweets. Ultimately, he leaves because he’s a “cowboy from Kentucky.”

5. Once a backstabbing manipulative bastard, always a backstabbing manipulative bastard. Exhibit: Jeff. He went against Jade’s party rules and posted a photo of Layla on Twitter from Layla’s phone when she was passed out drunk, which I’m sure he knows will be the end of Layla’s opening slot of Jade’s tour.

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