EXCLUSIVE: Jessie James Decker Reveals Her Secret Workout And How Husband Eric Decker Became Her Biggest Cheerleader

Jessie James Decker Believes a 30 to 45-minute workout is the secret to success.

Country music star Jessie James Decker proves that a fitness junkie can also be a wine connoisseur.

CMT recently caught up with the breakout star in Napa Valley at Live In The Vineyard Goes Country. Following her high-energy set at Charles Krug Winery, the “Should Have Known Better” singer revealed the key to a bikini-ready physique and what her wine nights typically look like with former NFL husband, Eric Decker.

“We like to start off with a really good Prosecco, just to kind of start off the night,” she declared with a warm red wine in hand. “Then I like to transition into a pinot and maybe finish off the rest of the evening with a really good Cabernet Sauvignon.”

While looking out into the distance at the picturesque vineyard, the sing-songwriter began to rattle off names of their go-to wines.

“We really love a glass from this company called Darioush, It’s our favorite red wine, and it’s local around here as well. We love this Palagetto, which is an Italian wine from Tuscany that we fell in love with…so a few bottles of those,” she said while laughing.

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As the couple experiments with fine blends and pairings from around the world, their health is always top of mind. Whether Decker is home or jet-setting, she told CMT that her fitness regimen is non-negotiable.

“I went to the gym for 30 minutes, and I ran a mile in Napa. I lifted some weights, and that’s it,” she said to show how easy it is to prioritize health.

The mother of three continued to reveal how she keeps herself accountable and her secret tip for a beach body.

“Carve out 30 to 45 minutes of time. At the end of the day, 45-minutes is really not that much of your time,” she stressed. “ I don’t love the excuses people provide, ‘I don’t have time to work out,’ or ‘I don’t need it.’ You have time to get a good workout in. Just do it. There are YouTube videos that I will watch. There’s such a variety,” she added.

Throughout the years – Decker has shared workout routines, crash diets, and even her struggles with weight loss. In October, she took to social media to show a high-intensity personal training session.

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“Let’s Go, Baby!!! Sweat it out! Put in the work! I work out hard so I can eat good and enjoy my wine 😜 all about balance sweet cheeks!” she gushed alongside the video that displays heavy lifting, cardio, and abdominal circuits.

Several devoted fans and mothers took to the comments to praise the artist for her strength, goal-oriented mindset, and to ask questions.

“You are sooo inspirational!!! Please send me your mojo, this mama needs it!!” a follower shared. “Questions from a overwhelmed mamma, how do you balance that I am all for working out, but I also love tequila and occasional beer…how do you do it, keep the balance?” another one added.

The answers are within the pages of her New York Times bestselling cookbook, “Just Jessie” and hardcover “Just Feed Me.” The health nut shares nutritious meals and delectable bites in the two books.

Although the songstress has always been passionate about fitness and health, her priorities began to shift when Eric Decker retired from the NFL. The chart-topping artist told CMT that she now has more time to focus on her career and personal goals.

“While Eric was playing football, my focus was Eric and his career and the kids because we had babies early. I was genuinely happy doing that,” she declared. “I wanted to make sure Eric was handled and taken care of. As soon as he retired – he was like, ‘it’s your turn. Anything you want to do, I’m here to support you.’”

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With a beaming smile, she pointed out that her husband has been the most “incredible supportive person.” In fact, her headlining tour with budding artist Adam Doleac has become a family affair.

“It’s been amazing! I feel like if I don’t have my kids with me, I don’t know if I would enjoy it as much.” Decker said. “Music and performing are my number one thing in life, but my kids and my family are more important than anything. So, if I don’t have them with me, I’m just not going to enjoy myself. I am even in a better mood, and I can do what I love.”

The supermom said that her family brings a taste of normalcy out on the road.

“It keeps things normal for me, because at home, I’m always making sure they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” she uttered. “I don’t want my mom duties to change.”

While hitting significant cities nationwide and being the ultimate mother, Decker sent her first single to the country airwaves. As of May 3, the empowerment anthem “Should Have Known Better” has become the number one most added song on country radio. The feel-good track lives on her 2021 EP, “The Woman I’ve Become.”

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