Bailey Zimmerman Talks Relationships, Writing Songs And The Advice He Got From Kane Brown

Bailey Zimmerman: "So the last couple of relationships, I've been, 'Do you not love me anymore? Is that the thing here? What's going on?'"

Country music up-and-comer Bailey Zimmerman is one of country music's brightest young stars – and he recently turned to Kane Brown for some advice.

"I said, 'How do you get to where you're confident that your music's going to keep continuing to do what it do?'" Zimmerman said. "And he said, 'Man, I've lived my whole life on what if.' Yeah, I live my whole life on what if."

Zimmerman shared the story with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. The men also talked about the story behind "Fix'n To Break," how much he loves his fans and his goals for 2023.

"Fix'n To Break" is approaching 2 million streams on Spotify, and Zimmerman recalled sitting down with his co-writers Chandler Walters, Sergio Sanchez and Gavin Lucas to see what they could come up with. The men were tired of writing songs to fit titles they already had, and Walters had an idea.

"He goes, 'Man, what if it's this? What if it's, "I'm pretty good with a hammer in a nail?"' And I was like, 'Oh my gosh. Yeah, I love that.' And then we got to the end and Sergio goes, 'Dude, there's this one title that we had, we wrote it a long time ago, called "Fix'n To Break."' And I'm like, 'I'm pretty good with a hammer and a nail. Are we fix'n to break?'"

Zimmerman said he believes the song is relatable and that people "always feel like we're walking on eggshells" when they ask their partners if they're about to break up.

"We're always so scared too, and I feel like that needed some light shed on it," Zimmerman said. "I'm only 23, but it feels like every time you kind of feel the break coming. You feel the love fading, you feel their feelings fading. And every time, I've been so scared to just go up to them and go, 'Are we about to break up? Are you thinking about this? Because I don't want to.' So the last couple of relationships, I've been, 'Do you not love me anymore? Is that the thing here? What's going on?'"

If Zimmerman is struggling in the romantic relationship department, his fans are making up for it. With hundreds of millions of streams, his listeners are pouring their love all over his music so much so that he's practically the poster boy for overnight success.

"I started singing one day, and then two weeks later, I wrote my first song, and it went big on TikTok," Zimmerman said. "And so I've just kind of been praying about it. When I release a song, I'm like, 'I really hope the fans love this one.' And every single song, they're just like, 'Yes, this is your song. It's your song. We love these songs.' And I'm just grateful for that because that doesn't happen every time. And the fact that the fans have supported me this far on just the music that I love and the music that I love making, is insanely incredible, man."

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