Luke Combs Welcomes Young Fan Onstage During Colorado Concert

"He’s just a regular little boy. He finds his love through music," adds the mother of 10-year-old Combs fan Jace Rodgers

Via Instagram, Luke Combs recently posted a photo of himself during an appearance at the Country Jam concert event in Mack, Colorado, alongside 10-year-old fan, Jace Rodgers. “He had a little sign that said. ‘I want to sing with you.’ That’s all he had, and he was holding his little sign up,” says the boy's mother, Mickie Fisher, to Western Colorado's Grand Junction Daily Sentinel about how the photo came to be.

“He’s just a regular little boy,” Fisher added. “He finds his love through music, he really does. He’ll sing all day long. That boy wakes up in the morning, and that’s all he does is sing, sing, sing. And he’s happy just singing." "On the road again. Good times in Colorado," noted Combs via Instagram.

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Rodgers' mother secured VIP tickets for the event via a radio contest. Once there, she was incredibly grateful for the kindness of the crowd gathered. “We went, and everybody was pushing Jace right up to the front. They were like, ‘Come here. Stand here!’ In the end, they wanted him to come on stage and (Combs) just reached down there and picked him up like he was nothing.” Heartwarmingly, Fisher says regarding her son -- in a note regarding his similarity to Combs -- “At his little school, he’s on student council. It’s not because he’s the best at stuff; it’s because he’s good to people; he’s kind to people.”

Luke Combs has roughly 40 live events scheduled between now and the end of 2020, nationwide. From festivals to arenas, if interested in seeing the "Forever After All" vocalist perform live, click here.

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