Garth Brooks Rolls Out Plans For A Busy 2021 With Ashley McBryde And...Chris Gaines?!?!

Legendary country star revives beloved alter-ego and also divulges he's songwriting with popular current-era star.

Since regaling those in attendance at President Joe Biden's inauguration with a stirring rendition of "Amazing Grace," not much has been heard from 100 million career album-seller Garth Brooks. However, that is not to say that he hasn't been busy.

On the March 15 edition of Brooks' Inside Studio G Facebook Live series, he announced both an extended rollout return to his acclaimed alter-ego Chris Gaines and news surrounding a recent songwriting session with Grammy-nominated country performer Ashley McBryde.

Regarding the resurfacing of his Australian rocker persona last heard via 1999's double-platinum-selling album ...In The Life of Chris Gaines, the country icon noted that an album was forthcoming and that "you’re gonna have it in every format you can possibly imagine, even in vinyl. And, you’re gonna have Chris Gaines stuff nobody’s ever heard before either. It’s all comin’...I’m excited, we’ll leave it at that. I love the music; it’s really cool."

As related to working with McBryde and veteran songwriter Mitch Rossell, Brooks excitedly offered, "We started writing this morning, [and] it was one of those sessions that you’re writing with two people that love country music. I gotta tell ya; today was an amazing day...Me and Mitch [Rossell] just kind of sat and watched her. She’s an animal, man. She just tore it up!"

If looking forward to seeing Garth Brooks (or Chris Gaines, possibly) perform live in 2021, here's to hoping you already purchased a ticket. Three dates -- at Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium, Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium, and Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium -- have been sold out for quite some time, with nearly 220,000 total tickets sold.

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