CMT Roundup: New Music From Kristian Bush, Eli Young Band, Kassi Ashton and More

Chris Young, Brooke Eden, Madeline Edwards and more have new music featured on CMT's The Roundup playlist.

Judging from many of the songs released this week, it's going to be a sentimental summer.

Kristian Bush's new songs invites listeners to explore the importance and the identity of their "somebody." Bush's "Everybody Needs a Somebody" includes the lyrics, "Everybody needs a somebody, not just any warm body." Kassi Ashton declares that she never moves backward, but if she did she would "it would be back to you." And Mike Eli from Eli Young Band says their new song "Tell Me It Is" was inspired by him seeking reassurance from his wife during the pandemic.

Other new songs this week include tracks from Robyn Ottolini, Sophia Scott and Twinnie. Check out CMT's Roundup playlist at the bottom of the story for a full list of our favorite new songs out this week.

Kristian Bush, "Everybody Needs A Somebody": Multi-platinum artist Kristian Bush is gearing up to drop (June 24) volume two from his four-album layered release, "52." The upcoming collection titled, "In The Key Of Summer" is expected to be as hot as the beaming sun. As country music fans kick back poolside, they can now turn up "Everybody Needs A Somebody." The feel-good single serves as a sneak peek into the forthcoming installment and is a reminder to "slow down."

"I think summer does two things. I think it's a reminder to slow down, and it forces you to reminisce," Bush pointed out. "Even though it's talking about relationships, the melodies and the rhythms remind you to breathe and appreciate relationships in a way that sometimes in the winter you don't. There's a lyric in there that's the calling card for this song. It goes: It's who you call at two o'clock in the afternoon | Not who you call 2 a.m. alone inside your room."

The multi-faceted entertainer penned the soul-touching single alongside breakout star Lindsay Ell and critically acclaimed songwriter Ellis Paul. The rich lyrics and his remarkable wordplay that provokes sweet memories are not just within "Everybody Needs A Somebody," but also in his nostalgic anthem "When This Shirt Was New." The upcoming tracklist will include 16 summer solstice songs, made for festival season.

Sophia Scott, "Don't Tempt Me": Nashville newcomer Sophia Scott proves she has a bright future ahead in the genre with her debut EP, "One Of These Days." The six-piece project includes her electrifying single "Don't Tempt Me," an up-tempo banger destined to be on party playlists nationwide. The Colorado native opens up the tracklist with the sassy single, which showcases her soaring pipes and impressive knack for songwriting.

"So twist my arm a little more | Say the word and I'm out the door | Put a drink in my hand | And I'll sing to the Deff Leppard cover band | I don't know 'bout the rest of y'all | But I'm the first and the last call| 'Cause I can't say no to feeling alright | Don't tempt me with a good time," she belts in the catchy chorus about a wild night out with friends.

Scott strikes a delicate balance between lively bops and poignant ballads, as she also covers the challenges that follow divorce, addiction, and heartache. The EP is Scott in a nutshell and verifies she's a genre-bending artist in the making. Fans will hear touches of country, pop, rock, and even R&B musical elements throughout each track.

"This body of work is my heart. I am so proud of it and thrilled to finally share this piece of me. Putting my experiences into songs is my way to navigate things and has been the best form of therapy for me. I hope that my lyrics offer hope to those who can relate," says Scott. "I hope my songs empower you to also put on your favorite outfit and hit the dance floor."

Twinnie, “Something or Somebody”: Fast-rising artist Twinnie recently (June 3) released her four-song EP, “Welcome To The Club.” The impressive collection displays her distinct country-pop vocals, that has quickly turned her into a household name. The project that encourages inclusivity and stresses the importance of community – now features new single, “Something or Somebody.”

The non-surface-level artist penned the up-tempo track alongside songsmiths Emily Landis and Eric Arjes. Within the arena-ready anthem, Twinnie brings to light common bad habits individuals tend to pick up or try to quit. While rattling off a long list, she reminds listeners that “nobody’s perfect.”

“Some people drink it down | Some people light them up | Some people kiss a stranger looking for a little love | Some people call their ex | guess some things never change | I say I’ll quit tomo, damn I said yesterday | Guilty sometimes its worth it | I guess we’re all the same well no one nobody’s perfect,” she sings before the explosive chorus.

The ear-grabbing melody infused with light percussion and dance-worthy instrumentals, is as vibrant as her positive personality. Twinnie’s truthful songwriting and fierce force, is destined to have country music fans craving a full-length record in no time.

Kassi Ashton, “I Don’t Go Back”: Written by Ashton with Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey, “I Don’t Go Back” is a soulful ballad about looking back while moving forward.

Lyrics include: “I’m a moving on, straight ahead. Eyes on the road always does me best. I’m out with the old, in with the new. Yeah, I don’t go back, but if I did, it’d be to you.”

“My favorite part of songwriting is giving someone a real piece of myself from a certain time in my life,” Ashton said in a statement. “It’s more than sharing a picture, and it’s more than sharing a story; it’s sharing a feeling. When I wrote this song in 2017 with Luke and Hillary, we all put a piece of ourselves in it. I hope you listen and feel and find a piece of yourself too.”

The song is the follow-up to Ashton’s debut radio single “Dates in Pickup Trucks.”

Eli Young Band, “Tell Me It Is”: Eli Young Band singer Mike Eli said “Tell Me It Is” is his most personal song on the record. Eli wrote the vulnerable anthem with Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins during the pandemic when he found himself turning to his wife for assurance that everything would be okay.

Lyrics include: Everything’s not okay, but you tell me it is| If you tell me it is, I’ll believe you|Tell me what to say, I don’t know what to fix|Is it worth all of this? God, I need you to tell me it is.

“Tell Me It Is” is from Eli Young Band’s new album - their sixth studio project – “Love Talking,” which is out now. The album is also home to the title track and the band’s platinum, No. 1 song, “Love Ain’t.”

“I found such a creative haven in songwriting over the past couple years of uncertainty, so we had more songs to pick from for this album than ever before,” Eli said of the album’s tracklist. “When it came time for us to really listen through and narrow it down, we all collectively realized that the songs raising their hands the most were the positive, optimistic ones. That big, uplifting energy is what we needed as a band in that moment – and we understood that our fans were probably needing it, too, so that’s the vibe we hope this album portrays to the world.”

Robyn Ottolini, “Say It”: Ottolini is turning up the sass on her new single “Say It.” Co-written with Emily Falvey and Nate Miles, “Say It” is about the importance of complimenting yourself without waiting for affirmation from someone else.

“Everyone needs a little love from time to time, but people don’t always give us what we need,” Ottolini said on Instagram. “A hard pill to swallow until you realize you can tell yourself what you need to hear. Like bissssh, you’re hot AF, cool as a cucumber & have a pretty decent personality to BOOT. I hope this song helps you find your voice & I hope you speak kindly of yourself today.”

The progressive self-love track follows her acoustic EP “The I’m Not Always Put Together,” which includes a new version of her major label single “F-150.” She performed the song on the Canadian Country Music Awards last year, where she took home the trophy for Rising Star.

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