CMT Premiere: Jason Nix Debuts "Mary Wanna" Music Video - And It's Not About What You Think

Jason Nix introduces Mary in "Mary Wanna." Mary is a free-spirited character, and this is the first in a series of concept songs that will be released soon.

The first thing to know about Jason Nix's new song "Mary Wanna" is that it has nothing to do with marijuana.

"Mary Wanna" introduces Mary, a free-spirited character, and is the first in a series of concept songs that will be released soon. Nix wants listeners to grow to know Mary and other characters throughout his EP in a way that brings the project to life.

"I hope that it makes people interested in what's coming next for these characters," Nix said of the song. "We dropped a couple of Easter eggs in this video that will make more sense as we release more music!"

Nix, a songwriter who penned Lainey Wilson's award-winning "Things A Man Oughta Know" alongside Wilson and Jonathan Singleton, was born in Nashville and grew up in South Mississippi. His sound is a mix of his influences – his father's bluegrass, his mother's preference for Motown, and his love of classic rock. When he shot the "Mary Wanna" video, it was even more of a family affair. His brother was there, and the singer played his grandfather's guitar for the video shoot.

"The peg that holds the strap in the back fell out on more than one occasion," Nix said. "There's a good chance that I'm squeezing it between my arm and rib cage in at least half of the scenes where I'm playing guitar."

Caitlin McNaney directed the song's video, which was shot and edited by Corey Miller.

"There were only a few people at the shoot," Nix recalled. In addition to his brother, Nix said many people from the publishing company he writes for showed up.

"I remember changing clothes for a scene because I thought it might look like there was another person there," he said.

As for how he felt when he watched the clip for the first time, it was a novel experience.

"I was really impressed," Nix said. "I didn't grow up with cable, so I never got to watch music videos. That made hearing my music behind one even more special for me."

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