Lauren Alaina Says Longtime Pal Jon Pardi "Now Gets To Vet All the Boyfriends"

Pardi guests on Alaina's current track, "Getting Over Him"

Jon Pardi makes a guest appearance on Lauren Alaina’s new single, “Getting Over Him,” but the two country artists have been friends for years. They met when they were both playing radio shows early in their careers.

“We met when I had long hair,” Pardi recently told Audacy's Rockin’ Country Saturday Nights. “I think we’ve become drastically closer in the last few years.”

"I wrote this song with two of my friends and it was so funny, when I was listening back to this song, I said, 'It's like we just described Jon Pardi, accidentally. So I sent it to him. I think I hooked him with the 'denim on denim' line."

I love the attitude of it, the rowdiness of it. I think it's great for Lauren to have a song like's fun and I think we all can relate to it," Pardi added.

This isn't the first time the two have collaborated.

Alaina also sang on Pardi’s 2019 track “Don’t Blame It On Whiskey," and the two previously co-hosted the ACM Honors ceremony in 2018. During the radio interview, Alaina also shared one of her favorite memories from their longstanding friendship, proving their connection goes beyond music.

At one point, Alaina introduced Pardi to a guy she was dating at the time. Alaina recalled that Pardi didn’t hold back on giving her his initial impression of the guy. "I introduced him to my boyfriend at the time, and in front of my boyfriend, Jon says, 'I don’t like that guy, he’s not good enough for you.”

As it turns out, when Pardi was shooting the music video for “Night Shift” in Nashville, he noticed a man on a scooter crashing the video shoot, riding into the camera shots and “shooting middle fingers” to the cameras. Pardi just happened to recognize the guy.

“This guy lied and said he didn’t do it,” Alaina said, adding, “Looking back, I think he may have done it! Turns out I didn’t end up with that guy, and Jon Pardi now gets to vet all the boyfriends," she joked.

Pardi clarified that he had nothing against the guy, “it was just that he was with Lauren. I was like, ‘How does this happen?”

Alaina added that Pardi said to her at the time, “Of all the people in Nashville, you get the scooter guy?!”

See the video for "Getting Over Him" below:

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