Keith Urban Pairs With Jimmie Allen for an Updated Take On "Boy Gets A Truck"

The pairing showcases Allen's desire to highlight his broad musical influences

The "secret sauce" of sorts behind the early success of Jimmie Allen's reloaded Bettie James: Gold Edition LP is its familiarity with the listener. For those just introduced to the Delaware-born country crooner, it's pop stars like Pitbull, Babyface, Monica, and more. For those comfortable with his catalog of songs, its hearing tunes they know, reimagined with the aid of artists they also are quite familiar. In the case of Australian country superstar Keith Urban's collaboration with Allen on the latter's 2018-created song, it's a unique case of putting a metaphorical fresh coat of paint on a favorite tune.

"Boy Gets a Truck" was written by Allen's manager, Ash Bowers and Aaron Scherz, and first appears on Urban's 2016 album Ripcord. It's the album's most "traditional" country song, and at the time of its release, Urban recalled -- to Taste of Country -- telling the song's producer, Dann Huff, "This is such a good lyric...I think we can take the song atmosphere-wise and energy-wise to a whole other anthemic place in the studio."

As for Allen's take with Urban, it's a grooving rocker. Alongside the rest of the release, it reflects his desire to create a showcase of his broad array of musical influences. “When it comes to music I love, I don't really get wrapped up in boundaries or genres. There’s some pop, there’s some rock, there’s some country, there’s some R&B. I was trying to picture each moment [the song was framed in]. I feel like that’s what makes the songs better. I’m super proud of the body of work of this album."

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