Reba Teases Duet With Jennifer Nettles

She Calls "Enough" the "2015 Version of 'Does He Love You'"

While Reba McEntire’s new album Love Somebody won’t be released until April 14, the star shared a teaser of "Enough," her duet with Jennifer Nettles, on Friday (March 20).

“I’m so excited to share another little tease of a song from my new album, Love Somebody!” she said on Facebook. “‘Enough’ is a duet with my buddy Jennifer Nettles. She sang the fire out of this song and I’m so glad she said yes to singing with me.”

Nettles reciprocated by sharing the teaser video on Twitter along with a few words of praise for Reba.

Written by Kelly Archer, Aaron Scherz and Emily Shackelton, the heartbreaking song is in stark contrast to Reba’s current single, the upbeat “Going Out Like That.”

“Enough” tells the story of two women in love with the same man and the pain that goes along with knowing he’s keeping a secret.

The lyrics read, “He tells me he’s working late/He tells me he can’t stay too long/So I turn the lights off/I fall asleep before he’s home/Tomorrow I’ll wake up alone/Feeling that familiar low/My heart screaming no/But every time I think I’ve had enough/He comes around and wraps me up in love/And I wind up giving in/Cause he gives me just enough/To make me think that there’s still hope for us/In the end it’s only me/Wishing I could be/Wishing I still was/Enough.”

The ballad’s storyline is thematically similar to past songs from both artists. Comparisons can be drawn to Nettles' 2007 hit “Stay,” which coincidentally took inspiration from Reba’s 1986 hit “Whoever’s in New England.”

Meanwhile, Reba compared the emotional new song to another famous duet she sang, this time with Linda Davis. “I like to refer to this song as the 2015 version of ‘Does He Love You.’

"Hope y’all like it!” she said.

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