OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift's Look in Three Words

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Taylor Swift's look, right now, in three words, is classic, feminine and retro. That's what she told the Refinery29 website about the evolution of her style. And I have to admit, as much as I loved the sundress-and-cowboy-boots look she rocked during her debut years, this grown-up look is very classy. The retro part probably comes in because she admits that her style influences are people like Ethel and Jackie Kennedy. "Something about that elegance is really lovely and makes me want to dress more like they did. I'd never thought about wearing pearl earrings or head scarves before [being inspired by] them," she said. And when it comes to channeling that kind of vintage glam, here's what Swift does: "Lately, I've been doing my hair in a way that's sort of a combination of the two, smooth on top with a loose curl at the bottom. My go-to easy hairstyle at the moment is a ponytail with some kind of headband or scarf." As for her make-up routine, she says the look she's sticking with now is one she's been doing for a few years. "I love red lips and a cat-eye," she says. The only trick she won't do anymore is turn a magic marker into a cat-eye maker. "I once used a Sharpie as eyeliner in an airplane bathroom because I didn't have any with me. I don't recommend it."

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