Taylor Swift Flashes Back to Her Fearless Mom

If you've ever wondered where Taylor Swift gets her strong, fearless side, now you know it comes from her mother.

Swift's latest "Flashback Friday" message on Facebook is a newspaper story from 2002 that revealed all the details of the night her mother rescued boaters who were on stuck in the Hereford Inlet off Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

"Flashback to 2002 when this was the most attention my family had ever gotten," Swift captioned the picture of the actual printed newspaper clipping. It features her mom on a bright red personal watercraft. The look on her face is very "I've got this."

The big headline was "Wyomissing Mother Makes Ocean Rescue." And then the photo caption gets to the guts of the story: "Andrea F. Swift of Wyomissing plows through the ocean on her personal watercraft Tuesday off Stone Harbor, N.J., where she rescued people on a boat stuck on a sandbar."

But it's in the copy of the 12-year-old story where you get the details:

Andrea Swift had taken Taylor and Britany Maack, her friend from their hometown in Pennsylvania, both 12 years old at the time, for a day of ocean fun while they were in town staying at their summer home a couple of blocks from the beach. (Maack still lives in Wyomissing, by the way.)

The waves were reportedly crashing from three different directions, so the Swifts and Maack decided to head home at around 6 p.m. But then Andrea saw the boat in trouble and took matters into her own hands.

"The boat would rock all the way over to one side and then rock back to the other side. The waves were just pushing it. It looked like it was going to roll," she told the newspaper at the time.

I'm sure it was big news for everyone in Wyomissing when the Swifts got back from that trip. Maybe the fame even lasted for a few summers. But I love that more than a decade later, it's still big news to Taylor.

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