LISTEN: Lainey Wilson Teases "New Friends" During The Latest Episode Of "Yellowstone"


Country music breakout star Lainey Wilson has brought another "Yellowstone" episode to new heights. The hit drama series introduced Wilson's character "Abby" during the premiere of Season 5, a flirtatious musician with eyes on a cowboy named Ryan. 

During the latest episode (Nov. 27) of Paramount Network's record-breaking binge, the singer-songwriter debuted an original song titled, "New Friends." 

Although the mid-tempo track is a playlist-worthy hit, TV junkies easily could have missed the teaser if they weren't listening closely. The song played in the background as Jamie Dutton [West Bentley] and Sarah Atwood [Dawn Olivieri] mingled at a luxurious bar in Montana. The casual interaction led to a bathroom affair, which encouraged Beth to look into Atwood and her secretive motive. 

"Who tuned in for @yellowstone episode 4?? Surprise! I had another new song hiding in tonight's episode when Jamie and Sarah were flirting at the bar 😉," Wilson wrote on Instagram. 

Her recognizable twang did not go unnoticed by devoted fans.

"I heard your vocals back there. Thought they were gonna pan over to you somewhere," said a follower. "I KNEW IT!!!! Wow, thank you for the continuous bops," shared another. "Always can call out your voice 🤠So good!!!" 

"New Friends" conveys a story about a woman in desperate need of a distraction and a second chance with a specific lover that got away. The steady percussion intertwined with traditional country instrumentals like the fiddle and steel guitar makes "New Friends" a perfect track for the western watch. Wilson co-wrote "New Friends" alongside Mark Irwin and Park Chisolm.

"I might sound crazy, but you know I've always been | And at least I ain't lonely except every now and then | Ain't nothing here can hold me like only you can | If you ain't coming back, baby | I'm thinking maybe I could use some new friends," Wilson sings in the contagious chorus. "I've been waiting on the sunshinе, listening to the rain |  Staring out the window likе the view is gonna change |  Chasing my own shadow | Like it's tryna get away." 

The Jay Joyce-produced song comes on the heels of her latest song, "Smell Like Smoke," which dropped during episode three of "Yellowstone." Both songs are now included on her chart-topping sophomore album "Bell Bottom Country." The collection features her smash hit "Heart Like a Truck," "Watermelon Moonshine," and "Hold My Halo," which was also on this season. 

Not only did "Yellowstone" fans receive new music, but an action-packed episode that answered numerous questions. The opening scene starts with Beth [ Kelly Reilly] behind bars, following her arrest for aggravated assault. It wasn't long until Jamie bailed Beth out, despite their choke-hold-like agreement that includes blackmail. 

While exiting the police station, she quickly notices a baby seat in his car. In Season 4, viewers learned about his affair with campaign manager Christina [Katherine Cunningham]. Although the family knew about their secretive relationship, they were unaware that they had a child together. While he expressed his regret, Beth threatened to take away the baby. 

As the two "siblings" juggle their differences, the wolf problem concerning the bunkhouse boys [ Ryan and Colby] is brought to Governor Dutton's [Kevin Costner] attention at the capitol building. The Fish and Wildlife authorities give Dutton a fair warning, as they believe that the ranchers are killing the protected animals. 

As Dutton talks himself out of the illegal situation, his son Kayce Dutton [Luke Grimes] and his wife Monica [Kelsey Asbille] held a Native American burial for their newborn son at the ranch. 

The episode concludes with animal activist Summer Higgins [Piper Perabo] being released from Prison and scoring a job working for the governor. In the previous season – the two had a one-night-stand, but they promised to keep their friendship "professional" this time. 

"Yellowstone" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Paramount Network. CMT is slated to recap "Yellowstone" Season 5 weekly. 

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