LeAnn Rimes Talks Mental Health On Ty Herndon’s New Podcast And Upcoming Album “God’s Work”

Ty Herndon: “It’s a gift to be able to give back to someone and have these conversations.”

The conversation around mental health has become more prominent than ever. Individuals with influence are addressing the former taboo topic head first to add to the significant shift society is experiencing today. Country star Ty Herndon is one of many voices using his platform to cultivate a safe space and demand change. 

The “What Mattered Most” artist recently (Aug. 17) launched a new podcast titled, “Soundboard with Ty Herndon” to spark difficult dialogues with high-profile musicians about their wins and “struggles” with their mental fitness journeys. Country star LeAnn Rimes served as the first guest, and the two spoke out about their daily obstacles and finding the light in dark times. 

“I don’t think that people know how to uplift people in the way we do, unless you have been the one who's been needed to be lifted,” Rimes told Herndon. “Those moments of deep sorrow and those darker places, I think as artists, we have the ability to travel there a little deeper than most.” 

Finding the courage to open up about personal obstacles has not always been easy, as Herndon mentioned that therapy gave him the confidence to reflect and come to terms with past experiences. 

“I had the opportunity over the last year to do some therapy called EMDR and just kind of getting to go back into that tunnel of some very traumatic things that I never dealt with in my life,” he explained. “It was like cement. Having to go back and bust up that cement, then get to the root of the problem that was causing all this mental anguish in my life. Then being set free of that,” he added while emphasizing that work goes into staying mentally fit. 

Herndon became a victim of addiction and survived a suicide attempt in early 2020. Since facing his truth, the resilient artist has paid it forward to help others with his own story. On the other hand, Rimes has become a mental health advocate by vocalizing her battles with anxiety and depression. 

Rimes found success at a young age with her critically acclaimed single, “Blue.” Stepping into the spotlight and inking a record as a teenager has impacted her life in more ways than one. 

“I was called every name in the book,” Rimes shared about the beginning of her career. “It's been a  journey for me to understand that I have the right to my own voice and my own life and my own opinions. When you know something is wrong, and you fight back. Getting your hand slapped for it…kind of sets you on this path. Talk about mental health."

Rimes said that she turned her “trauma” into a valuable lesson and it made her into the fearless female she is today. 

“I’ve learned that it’s a gift, but for a long time, it felt like a curse,” she said. “I’m trying to follow this path of like, ‘What’s easy. What feels easy? Can I let it be easy? Can I actually go to a place that feels good and not have to go to a place that’s like trauma filled.” 

She continued to clarify that creating has become a positive exercise that benefits her overall mental health. 

“I know one thing that brings me that most joy. I’ve thrown myself into creating. As soon as I create, everything else disappears. That could be anything from songwriting, to candle making to dinner,” she said full of enthusiasm. “It gets me into that place of wonder and awe. The more I lean into that process, the more joyful things become.” 

Rimes has channeled her happy-go-lucky energy into her forthcoming faith-centric album “God’s Work." The collection will feature accomplished artists including – Mickey Guyton, Ziggy Marley, Aloe Blacc, Ben Harper, Ledisi, Sheila E., and Robert Randolph. With the release right around the corner, Rimes gave Herndon an update and what to expect from the 12-song collection.  

“My whole point of my record is to show the beauty of life. The masculine, feminine, the totality of things. For me, God’s universe and the energy of creation doesn’t cease to exist in any corner. For me, it’s not about excluding anyone or anything. If we can get past the doctrine and all the things that we like to argue about, we actually get to the reason why we’re here. So, that’s the message of the record." 

The highly anticipated LP is expected to be released on September 16. “Soundboard with Ty Herndon” is available to stream everywhere. To listen to the full episode, click here

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