Ryan Beaver Sees "You Were the Rain" Everywhere

“The Whole Purpose of Love is to Not Try to Fix or Change Anybody”

Texas native Ryan Beaver has always been a true storyteller--and his newest offering "You Were the Rain" is no exception.

This story centers on a broken man given redemption in life because the love of a woman.

He was a wildfire, and she was the rain that put out the blaze of destruction in his soul. Lyrically, Beaver sets the bar high. He's a master craftsman: introspective and raw, and not one bit afraid to let his guard down. Earnest vocals only add to the magic and mystique of his artistry.

He believes the song's message that true love needs time and room to grow will resonate with anyone who hears it.

"We all have our faults, our strengths, our weaknesses," he tells, "and I think the whole purpose of love is to not try to fix or change anybody but just love them through it all. That tends to be enough and I love that idea. I've seen this song happen, and I've felt this song myself. I love how simple it is."

Director Dylan White brings the story to life with sophisticated simplicity in the video, which features a sharp-dressed Beaver in a dim spotlight and gorgeous choreography by an aerial dancer.

"Dylan came up with that concept and I said, 'Let's run with it,'" Beaver recalls. "The aerial dancer, she was just so good and it showed strength, which I thought was really cool because that's what that song is about, too. It's sort of about someone loving you in a strong way and helping you let go of those demons that hold you back. It turned out great."

"You Were the Rain" originally appeared on an Amazon "Love Me" playlist for Valentine's Day and was co-written with Rodney Clawson (Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party," Kenny Chesney's "American Kids" and more) before the 2016 release of Beaver's latest album Rx.

The collection has received much critical acclaim, with songs like "Rum and Roses," "Kristofferson" and the anthemic "Dark."

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