Ashley McBryde Releases Her Long-Awaited 'Live from a Distance' EP

"We’ve got all this material. It can’t just sit on a shelf. We should be getting it out to people," McBryde says

Every band faced with the stress of COVID-19 handled the pandemic differently. For Ashley McBryde and Deadhorse, her touring players, their desire to gather to play to shake off some playing rust and record a few pre-taped appearances yielded the now-released EP, Live From A Distance.

“We were actually going into a sound studio to record some stuff for daytime TV and for late-night TV,” McBryde explains to ABC Radio. “But we hadn’t played together in, at that point, it was three months or six months, I can’t remember how long it had been. So, we went through all the processes to get everybody tested, and we get everybody in here, and we thought, ‘Well, we’re not gonna just record two songs. We should record some of the songs off the record." She adds, "after that, we thought, 'We’ve got all this material. It can’t just sit on a shelf. We should be getting it out to people.'"

Regarding the release of tracks from her critically-acclaimed 2020 album Never Will, McBryde adds a note to her fans, possibly expecting the same over-the-top good feelings that have come to be expected from the raucous singer-songwriter's live performances. “It is kind of weird to me visually watching it, because there’s no audience. So it’s kind of a muted version of our animated selves.” However, she reflects deeper and notes positively, "We performed really well that day. So I thought we should put this together as a live EP and go ahead and get it out there."

McBryde is playing a premiere concert, live, via her Youtube page, May 28 at 7 p.m. CT. To watch the event, click here.

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