Summer temperatures are kicking in over many parts of the country this third week in May. And as warm weather is kicking into high gear, so are country music releases. Check out new songs this week from John Morgan, Jason Aldean, Brandy Clark, Jordyn Shellhart,  Chase Rice, Morgan Wade and others. Hear those songs and more of CMT's favorites on The Roundup playlist.

John Morgan, "Man of Few Words": "This song was inspired by my relationship with my wife and the side she brings out in me," Morgan said. "There is a line in the song that perfectly sums it up 'If I'm not talking about her, then I'm a man of few words.'"

Jordyn Shellhart, "Maybe Someday You'll Have a Daughter" from her new album "Primrose": "'Primrose' comes from the Latin' prima rosa' which means first rose, as they're typically the first flowers to bloom in spring," Shellhart said. "This is an album full of firsts and, of course, my first album. After 15 years writing songs in Nashville and dreaming of one day having a first album, here it is. My 'Primrose.' I hope it moves someone, and I hope its vulnerability begets vulnerability in others."

Raelynn, "What's Wrong With That": "I've always been a strong woman and very independent, but I am not going to lie... I love being married, "Raelynn said. "I've been married eight years, and it's nice being taken care of and treated like a lady, so I wrote a song about that. I can do all the tasks that the song references, but it sure is better watching a man do it."

Ryan Griffin, "God Made Fridays": "' God Made Fridays' is that hallelujah moment when the work week is done and you know there's someone that loves you waiting at home," Griffin said. "Crank it up and roll 'em down ‘cuz this one feels like summer!"

Chase Rice, "For a Day": "This is as raw as it gets," Rice said. "I miss my dad every day, and if I could have one more with him here's just a couple things I'd do with him. My favorite part would be seeing him with my niece and two nephews. I did three takes on this, one for each one of them, and I couldn't hold it together for any of 'em."

Alana Springsteen, "chameleon": "My debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, came together through the work and self-reflection I've been doing over the past few years, "Springsteen said. "Amid getting to know myself, I've spent time thinking about the role I've played in my failed relationships. What I realized is that I was looking everywhere but inward for the validation and love I thought I needed. When you give someone that much power over you, it's very easy to become whoever they need you to be and to lose sight of who you truly are. That's what 'chameleon' is about. I've always been really good at turning myself into whatever made me feel most validated in any given moment. After all, if I become a version of myself they'll want, they won't have a chance to reject the real me – what could be worse than that? That was a really hard truth to admit. Through writing 'chameleon,' I learned how to love myself in ways I've always looked to others to love me in the past. I can tell you the freedom that comes along with that is exhilarating. I'm so grateful to Sasha [Alex Sloan] and King Henry for digging deep with me. It takes real courage to get this brutally honest, and I'm thankful they were willing to go there. And to Paul [DiGiovanni] for co-producing this one with me. It's hard to make a track feel vulnerable and spicy at the same time, but I think we nailed it."

Kidd G, "Daylight Savings": "It's based on a literal dream I had— a bad dream," G said. "I'm in this old relationship that keeps haunting me, and I just can't stop going back to it. 'Daylight Savings' is a means of processing those emotions. The feeling I get with this song is closure," he continues, "finally being able to close that chapter and move on in my life with myself and others."

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