CMT Roundup: New Music From Blanco Brown, Keith Urban, Leah Turner and More

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With artists including Keith Urban, Chris Young, Kenny Chesney and Gabby Barrett releasing new music this Groundhog’s Day weekend, it’s enough to make Punxsutawney Phil want to dance in the sunshine. The famous groundhog didn’t see his shadow, predicting spring is just around the corner. This week’s CMT Roundup playlist is packed with the new music you want to celebrate that warmer weather is on the way.

Chris Young, “Double Down”: "Hey guys, so I just wanted to say something. You know, I’m still processing a lot through the false accusations and everything that went on in the past week. But I wanted to say first and foremost, thank you to everybody that had my back. It meant the world to me, and I had so many friends and fans reach out and say 'we got you, we don’t believe you did any of this.' So it’s really nice to see the charges get dismissed. It’s not something I wish anybody has to go through ever. But, like I said, the bright spot was seeing just all the love and support. So what I wanted to do as a thank you to you guys - because this was not planned - is drop a new song from the album so you guys will have something to listen to. We’re going to put out 'Double Down’ at midnight and I really hope you guys enjoy this one. Crank it up, enjoy it - I appreciate you, I love you, and thank you."

Keith Urban, “Straight Line”: “‘Straight Line’ is the perfect first track off my album because it’s a song born of wanting to break out of routine and feeling like somewhere along the line, life lost some color and excitement – ‘You and me used to be like a year-round summer...’ This song is about getting it back again - a message of taking back your life and driving out from under the dark cloud. If you’ve seen us in concert, I hope this track gives you that same liberated feeling,” Urban says.

Leah Turner, “T-Shirt”: "It's a vulnerable song," Turner told Wide Open Country. "[You're] admitting that you kind of want to go back [to a bad relationship] and you want to end up in his T-shirt, but there's also [this] strength in saying, 'I'm not going to.' It's admitting that back and forth, that war with emotions- when you let your heart go over your mind."

Blanco Brown, “Sunshine Shine”:  “This EP feels a bit different for me," Brown said. "I’ve now traveled the world, looked death in the eyes and somehow made it back alive. Bitter moments never lasted, sweeter moments brought me back to purpose…Heartache & Lemonade brings about a new chapter. Try turning some of your worst moments into a smile every once in a while.”

Bryce Leatherwood, “Neon Does”:  “Y’all I am so excited to share my song ‘Neon Does,’” Leatherwood said. “This is the first song I’ve written to be released to the public and I am amped up to hear what y’all think! God bless country music and let the neon do what the neon does."

Tyler Braden, “Devil You Know”: “This is probably the proudest I’ve been to be part of a single, because it’s a song that so many people can get behind wholeheartedly,” Braden said. “It’s a song about confidence and not backing down. It’s a song about not allowing yourself to be underestimated or taken for granted. It’s a song I’ll be proud to perform live for years to come. Thank you to the writers Jon, Zack, Graham and Sam – double thanks to Sam – for helping bring this song to life in a way that only progresses me as an artist. Thank you to the fans, new and old, for making ‘Devil I Know’ what it is before it even fully saw the light of day!”

Trey Lewis, “Sounds Like Money”: “‘Sounds like Money’ isn’t a song about money,” Lewis said. “It’s about all the good things in life…coming home from a long day of work, singing love songs with the one you love in the kitchen, honeysuckle kisses. It’s just a little jingle of joy.”

Chase Wright, “Off To The Races”: “‘Off to the Races’ is a different feel from other songs I’ve created in the past, but one of the most fun songs I’ve ever released,” Wright said. “I don’t have any songs with energy like this one, and I’m excited to see how people will respond to it in our shows this year.”

Tiffany Woys, “I’m Your Woman”: “This song is special. It’s one of the first songs we wrote for this project,” Woys said.  “It all started with a picture. A photo of my dad reading me a Disney storybook. Instilling me to believe in fairytales. They exist. Maybe not exactly as the stories go but believing in true love is half the battle. If you believe anything is possible. I know what I bring to the table as a partner and if that’s what you’re looking for, ‘I’m your woman.’ That goes for every relationship. Own what you bring and be confident. The right person is out there looking for exactly what you offer. If someone passes on you, that’s OKAY! They weren’t meant for you. They are out there. Just have to believe.”

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