Blake Shelton Gives Friendly Nod To Jason Aldean's Hit "Amarillo Sky" In Farming Video

The "Corn" singer already has his Oklahoma land ready for fall harvest.

Harvest season is right around the corner, and Blake Shelton is already gearing up on the farm.

The "Corn" singer recently (Aug. 11) shared a video on social media revealing his 1,300-acre land in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Shelton brought fans along as he tackled tasks on his long-running to-do list. Shelton begins the video by showcasing his big orange Kubota tractor.

"Y'all know what time it is!!! We're makin some magic happen today!!! #OutInTheMiddle #Kubota #farmtok,” he captioned the video.

The hitmaker pointed out the overgrown and dead grass, before he jumped in the driver's seat to get the job done. Shelton paired the video with his latest collaboration and release, "Out In The Middle" with Zac Brown Band. Full of enthusiasm, the platinum-selling artist flipped the camera around and declared his goal for the day.

"Way too early to be planting food plots, but I'm getting 'em ready! Woo!" the vocalist screamed with a smile ear-to-ear.

Once Shelton made it to his destination, he placed his four-wheeler in park and explained how he plans to plow the muddled farm into a picturesque countryside.

"Okay, people we're here," he declared displaying the land. "We're about to take this big orange monster and make this disgusting, nasty-looking field look like a beautiful piece of dirt," he added with a laugh.

As he completed the tedious task – he began to sing Jason Aldean's smash hit, "Amarillo Sky."

"I just take the tractor another round," sings Shelton before displaying his masterpiece.

"Amarillo Sky" was penned by country duo Big & Rich, Rodney Clawson, and Bart Pursley. The agriculture anthem was initially recorded by McBride & the Ride in 2002. However, it wasn't until Aldean's cover in 2006 that it received international praise from farmers. "Amarillo Sky" lives on Aldean's self-titled debut album and scored him a nomination at the CMT Music Awards. Upon release, the tune peaked at No.4 on the country chart.

The track that capitulated Aldean into the spotlight, struck a chord in farmers. The relatable lyrics convey a narrative about a farm near Amarillo, Texas, and is about growers who face dreadful droughts and harsh weather conditions on their perfectly-kept land.

The music video paid tribute to the hardworking men and women who are the backbone of America. Video director Wes Edwards filmed the documentary-like music video in Illinois and sat down with young farmers to hear their start story.

"Rather than try to cast some dude who's playing a farmer, let's see if we can go find real kids who want to do this for a living," Edwards previously told Song Facts. "It's one of those occupations that is getting tougher, but you still find young people out there who are going to grow up and they're going to be farmers. The future farmers of America."

Nearly two decades later, "Amarillo Sky" remains a staple within Aldean's impressive catalog and a fan favorite live. Aldean is set to embark on his Rock N' Roll Cowboy Tour in the fall, and Shelton is slated to step into the legendary circle at the Grand Ole Opry on Sept. 10 for two back-to-back shows.

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