Morgan Evans Reveals The Songwriting Process Behind Breakup Ballad "Over For You"

Morgan Evans talks about mental health and navigating his new reality.

It's been more than one month since Morgan Evans, and country sensation Kelsea Ballerini reached a divorce settlement. After signing off and divvying up assets, Evans is speaking out. 

In true singer-songwriter fashion, Evans opened up about his roller coaster-like emotions through music. The Australian native recently (Dec. 16) caught up with Today's Country Radio host Kelleigh Bannen to discuss his new heart-wrenching single "Over For You." 

Evans first teased the track while headlining the CMC Rocks QLD Festival. In front of 25,000 concert-goers, the country crooner placed his heart on the line and delivered the raw ballad that displays his vulnerability. 

After the live performance received positive praise, Evans released a studio version and an accompanying music video destined to leave fans with an unsettling pit in their stomachs. Evans shared what it was like to play "Over For You" at the world-renowned festival and declared that it wasn't initially in his setlist. 

"The first time that I played this song, which I did with no warning to anyone, I just sat down at the piano at this festival we played in Australia. I was going to play a different song. I was going to play a piano version of a song called 'Diamonds' that we put out a couple of years ago," explained Evans. "I'd written this song 'Over for You' the week before, and I just sat down and looked out at the crowd. For some reason, I felt like I needed to get it off my chest. I sat down and played this song, and it's obviously a very heavy song…but I finished and got the guitar, and the set went on. It wasn't until afterwards I realized how much a weight had just left my shoulders after playing the song," he recalled. 

Evans continued to mention that the CMC Rocks stage holds sentimental value, which gave him the confidence to pull out the song last minute. 

"I kind of grew up playing it. I played the very first one 15 years ago… At 11:00 AM on a Friday morning. My manager at the time started the festival, and his son now runs it, and everyone that runs it is like family to me," he said. "It was my first time back in Australia playing music in three years. It felt like a very safe place, even though it does seem like a big show, if that makes sense… So I think that maybe had a lot to do with it subconsciously." 

Evans penned the track alongside esteemed songwriters  Madison Love and Geoff Warburton. While grieving the end of his marriage, the chart-topping artist said that he turned to songwriting and friends to get through the challenging time. 

"It ["Over For You"] was the only song I'd written in two months. I sat in the room, and there was a good mate of mine in there, Geoff Warburton… He was in there, and two people I'd never met, actually, Madison [Love] and Tim [Sommers]. I just sat in the corner of the room. I was like, 'Well, look, I'm going to be useless today unless I just tell you what's going on,'" he pointed out. "That's what happened. I had that title just as a songwriter in general, you're writing down titles all the time from life. But yeah, it just came about as a, 'Hey, this is what's going on.'"

Although this season of life for Evans has been difficult, he has taught himself to be optimistic. The "Day Drunk" singer has learned specific ways to get himself out of a rut and strategies to positively impact his mental health. 

"Any sort of mental health is just aspirational. Nobody's perfect at it. I feel like as soon as you find yourself in some sort of negative spiral about anything, especially this kind of thing, the sooner you can spot it, stop the spiral," said Evans. "Do something. For me, it might be like going for a run or working out, or just getting on a plane and going to the beach or something like that. It's just being mindful of that kind of thing because it's inevitable. It will happen, even if you're trying to avoid it. If you can stop the spiral as soon as possible, I've found that to be the most helpful thing." 

The singer made it clear that opening up and pulling from real-life experience is his "new way" of songwriting, despite his past desire to be private. The full-length episode detailing his creative process and how he's navigating his new reality is available to stream, here

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