10 Behind-The-Scenes Photos from 'Nashville' Season 5

Fun Between Takes

We've tackled some pretty serious issues in the first half of Nashville Season 5, but between takes, there's been plenty of loves and laughs to go around.

Check out these fun behind-the-scenes shots from the Nashville set.

Maisy Stella in Daphne's bedroom.

Lennon Stella on the set of the Tracks recording studio.

Charles Esten and Lennon Stella on location.

Joseph David-Jones jokes around in his fake blood makeup.

Hayden Panetteire and one of the twins who plays Cadence.

Hayden Panettiere on set at Hallie's church.

Charles Esten and Maisy Stella on the set of the hospital waiting room.

Charles Esten, Hayden Panettiere and Lennon Stella practice singing "Sanctuary" before performing on the CMT Music Awards.

Lennon Stella goofing off while filming the recording of "You're Mine" in Rayna's music room.

Chris Carmack between takes of filming "You're Mine" in Rayna's music room.

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