Carrie Underwood Is This Week's Silver Lining

After all the talk this week about concert arrests, public drunkenness and bitch-slapping, it's refreshing to take a break from the cloud of all that bad news and just scroll through Carrie Underwood's latest tweets. She's like country music's silver lining right when we needed one.

In the last week alone, Underwood's tweets have been a nonstop good-natured look inside her personal life. So it's less third-person tweets like "Download Carrie's latest single today!" and more "Look at me in my tragic cowboy hat 11 years ago."

Yes, a cowboy hat.

One of Underwood's last tweets was on Thursday (July 31) to Kaileigh Bullard, who had posted a Throwback Thursday photo of her, Underwood and three other friends wearing matching Girls Night Out T-shirts and cowboy hats.

"Since we're in OK this week -- #TBT to Downtown Country '03. We rocked those Girls Night Out shirts," she wrote.

Underwood replied, "That's awesome and awful all at the same time! Ha ha!"

Bullard and Underwood know each other from their days in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where they performed in Northeastern State University's Branson-style show Downtown Country.

The day before that tweet, Underwood tweeted about her dog Penny. And who can resist puppy videos? Especially when the puppy is jumping high in the air over and over until Underwood's husband Mike Fisher relents and lets her up on his lap to share his pancakes.

"Breakfast with Penny. She does this every morning!" Underwood wrote.

And before that, she shared a photo of her husband with his friend Matt Eaton, who was dressed up to look like Underwood.

"Awww ... I think Mike Fisher (@mikefisher1212 on Twitter) misses me so much when I'm gone! Sure glad @MattEaton1 is there to help fill the void," she wrote.

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