Next Up Now: Emily Earle Emphasizes The Common Thread Between "Rockstars" In New Music Video

Emily Earle: "The main point of the song is relatability. It's about people, being people."

Long before Emily Earle broke into the country music space, she made ends meet by singing on subway platforms in the heart of New York City. While commuters scurry through the concrete jungle, one can instantly identify the common thread that ties society together – human interaction and love.

The lyrics within the single "Rockstars" proves that she's wise beyond her years. Earle pulled from previous life lessons to pen the weighted words backed by electric guitar pulls and soft percussion alongside Caroline Watkins. Although the two rattle off reasons how people are different, they also pinpoint mutual connections that brings humanity together.

"We ain't all reaching for the same dreams | We don't all come from the same hometowns | Got different ways to work things out | Ain't living by the same means | No we're not praying for the same things," she explains before breaking into the empowering chorus. "We all love the underdogs | We all scared to say we're wrong | We all drink too much sometimes | All got something we left behind | All got way too much to do | All want someone to come home to | We're all still 16 and fast cars | Wishing we we're rockstars," she adds with power behind each note.

When it was time to bring the moving melody to life, she turned to video producer and director, Robby Stevens. The fast-rising star exclusively told CMT that it was challenging to pick a direction to go in.

"This song was a tough one in terms of how to make it into a video, because it could have gone a bunch of different ways. It speaks about the threads that tie us all together as humans, despite our many differences," shared the vocalist. "The main point of the song is relatability. It's about people, being people. So we wanted something anyone could watch and hopefully see some part of them in – no matter what age, stage of life, or love they are in. We just wanted it to be really human, and what's more human than a relationship story?"

As Earle delivers the poignant narrative from a string-light-lit barn, Stevens manages to capture the true essence of young summertime love. The carefree snapshots also feature a couple from high school enjoying time together before leaving for college.

Although university ripped the two apart, they managed to find their way back together. Stevens flawlessly portrayed a fairytale ending, as he zoomed in on an eye-catching diamond that symbolizes their future.

The emerging new artist shared that they filmed the music video in the midst of the pandemic. To make fans feel the on-screen chemistry, Earle asked her husband to join in on the fun.

She revealed that her favorite memory to date was filming the "leaving for college" scene.

"Tom [husband] and I started trying to ad-lib but failed miserably," she recalled about the heated scene. "We don't usually yell when we fight. So, we were already awkward and the phrases we started yelling made no sense at all. Might have been a "had to be there, to think it was funny" kind of thing, but it took a long time to get a shot where we all didn't burst out into laughter every five seconds," she added.

Despite the several takes and failed acting attempts, Earle said a wave of joy overcame her while watching the final edit. The Next Up Now artist continued to mention that it was a pinch-me-moment, as it marks her first-ever music video.

"I felt an overwhelming amount of joy seeing the video for the first time. When I was five, I watched music videos on television. Since I was so young, that was how I first saw musicians 'playing,'" she said. "Whether they were actually playing or not didn't matter to me. It was the most real thing I'd ever seen. So when I started writing music, I would always picture videos for my songs. Even though I have played shows for a long time, this is the first music video I have ever recorded and released. So seeing the video felt very full circle."

Earle hopes fans can relate to the storyline in one way or another. She did not fail to touch upon the main motive behind her artistry and why she creates music in the first place.

"My hope is that fans can see themselves in one or more parts of the video," the budding musician declared. "I don't write songs to change the world, I just write them to relate. To say, 'Hey, this is where I am at. If you're like this, then you're not alone.' I hope this video does that. I hope it shines a little light on the common ground we all share as people."

While the newcomer's name may not ring a bell to some, she has been grinding within the music industry for quite some time. Her modern Texas twang intertwined with her pop wow-factor makes Earle a stand-out vocalist with superstar potential.

Earle has appeared on NBC's "The Voice" and has already shared the spotlight with country legends Tanya Tucker, John Michael Montgomery, and more.

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