Keith Urban Says His Daughters Are Following In His Creative Footsteps

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have raised two creative daughters with big dreams.

Keith Urban's daughters are already stars in the making. However, this should not come as a surprise – since their mother is an Academy Award-winning actress and father is a country music phenomenon.

The proud father recently spoke out about his children's artistic talents and declared that they are both already following in his footsteps. In a recent interview with ABC Audio, Urban pointed out that his 11-year-old has a fine ear and understands the power of a piano key.

"[She] has a great musical ear," he said. "I can tell 'cause she'll hear a melody and go to the little piano and figure it out by singing it and matching the notes and stuff. She's got a good ear," he added.

While the music hopeful hones in on her craft, Urban did not fail to mention that his other daughter Sunday Rose is a storyteller at heart, and he could picture her becoming a filmmaker in the far future.

"Sunday, I think, has always been interested in filming and making little stories with her little iPad," the four-time Grammy winner explained. "Even when she was 5,6 years old, she liked to film with her iPad. Kids from the neighborhood will come over for play dates, and I tell you, immediately, they will be roped into being in these mini-movies that she makes. They've got to learn their parts and everything."

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 28: Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and family speak via livestream during the 78th Annual Golden Globe® Awards at The Rainbow Room on February 28, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

The Australian singer-songwriter and his wife Nicole Kidman are thrilled to see their oldest dabbling in the entertainment world and would like her to follow her dream to the big screen.

"It would be great if [Sunday] continues [making movies], 'cause I think she's a storyteller -- a good storyteller," he confirmed.

Kidman recently appeared on The View and agreed with her husband, as she highlighted her daughter's directing skills and goals.

"[It's] interesting, 'cause my daughter wants to be a director, as well," she told the group of ladies. "She's got that eye, and she's watching," she added before explaining that she practices her lines with her two girls.

When Kidman was preparing to play Lucille Ball for Being the Ricardos, she revealed that she would channel her character in front of them to receive constructive criticism.

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"I'd sit them on the couch, and I'd do it, and they'd be saying, 'Hey, you got a lot more work to do,'" she laughed.

Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret have already dipped their toes in Hollywood, as they voiced characters in The Angry Birds Movie 2 in 2019 and appeared in Big Little Lies and The Undoing.

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