PREMIERE: Risa Binder's "A Lot Like Home" Offers A Hopeful Tone For New Beginnings

The vocalist wants her fans to "truly celebrate the good that’s going on in their lives right now"

Warm, folksy, and countrified indie-pop vibes provide a calm underpinning for "A Lot Like Home," Risa Binder's latest collaboration with Benji Harris. In regards to the song's video, when Binder sings, “Darling I’ve been dreaming of this moment yeah we made it down the winding road and it feels a lot like home,” as art imitates her life and she's moving into a new home, it makes the video-as-life circle complete. "When we wrote the song I had just bought my first apartment with my husband and Benji was expecting his first baby girl. Watching [the video's actors, (Harris' wife) Andrea + Gabe] bring the joy of starting a new chapter in life together really brought the song to life in the best way possible," Binder adds.

And yes, beyond Harris having his wife in the video, the shoot itself was a family affair. "I remember feeling blissfully happy because it truly was family on the set," Binder recalls. "My husband brought our three-year-old, and Nana came too! Doltyn Snedden directed the video, and we worked together three years ago, too. So it was an incredible feeling to create this all together."

In regards to the meaning that Binder hopes those viewing the video take from the clip. she offers an uplifting note for consideration. "I hope this makes my fans feel happy and remind them to truly celebrate the good that’s going on in their lives right now...even on a hard day..there is always something to be thankful for and celebrate."

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