Lainey Wilson Talks "Yellowstone," How She Was Cast In the Next Season

Lainey Wilson explained they’re still writing her season and said, “We’ll see what happens.”

Lainey Wilson explained how her role in “Yellowstone” came about – and the answer is simple. She and “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan were friends first.

The story started in 2018, Wilson said, when her manager sent some of her music for possible consideration for use on Season 2 of “Yellowstone.” Wilson didn’t have a record deal yet, but her song “Working Overtime” was chosen for the series.

“[Taylor Sheridan] was a fan of mine; we’re fans of his,” Wilson told Audacy's Katie Neal at CMA Fest this weekend. “He invited us to Vegas to play at this horse riding competition where I got to hang out with him, talk to him, shake his hand, and get to know him. We exchanged numbers, and he’s put three of my songs in his show so far.”

Wilson played a show for the “Yellowstone” cast and crew in August of 2020 for the cast and crew and bonded more with Sheridan. Then in February, he called her.

“He said, ‘I want to create a role specifically for you,’ and I’m like, ‘you’re sure you want to do that? Let’s do it!’” Wilson recalled. “I love doing things that are scary. I love stepping outside my comfort zone. It’s going to be great.”

Wilson explained they’re still writing her season and said, “We’ll see what happens.”

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“[Taylor] knows I can ride a horse,” she said. “I’ve been riding horses since before I could walk. It’s second nature to me, so we’ll see.”

While Wilson is waiting to find out what her life will hold on the set of “Yellowstone,” she’s attempting to land her third No. 1 song at country radio. Wilson recently released “Heart Like a Truck,” the follow-up to her Cole Swindell smash “Never Say Never” and her award-winning “Things a Man Oughta Know.”

Wilson wrote “Heart Like A Truck” with Dallas Wilson and Trannie Anderson and said they had to dig deep to make it the emotional, anthemic powerhouse that fans hear on country radio.

“We started writing, and we had this more dug-in groove; it was a little rocking,” Wilson said. “As we got about 30 minutes into the song, we all three were on the same page about knowing that wasn’t the right direction. If we were going to do this, we needed to really, really do it and be vulnerable, and talk about where I’ve been, but more importantly, about where I’m going.”

She says the single is about finding freedom and strength.

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