Garth Brooks: "Get Your Voices Ready"

Are Louisiana Fans His Background Singers?

Garth Brooks cannot keep a secret.

First, during one of his recent Facebook Live chats, Brooks hinted that he might possibly be recording his Louisiana shows to turn those concerts into a live album.

"We're gonna bring a surprise down there to you guys," Brooks said. "So all I can tell you is: get your singing voices ready, because it could be for forever, if you're catching my drift.

"I promise you, you will hear that weekend again and again and again. Long after the weekend is over."

Sounds like a sure thing, right?

Then at his Cajundome show on Sunday (June 25), he made an announcement about the live album from the stage. And according to a report from the ABC news station in Lafayette, the officials from the venue confirmed that.

But while that all seems very legit, he didn't reveal any other details of announce a release date.

Maybe it will come on the 20-year anniversary of his Double Live release. In 1998, Brooks released that two-disc compilation of live songs that he'd recorded throughout his 1996-1998 concerts. That's the only live album Brooks has released in his nearly 30 years as a recording artist.

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