Miranda Lambert Isn't Half the Tweeter Blake Shelton Is

Miranda Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton were having some fun tweeting back and forth on Wednesday (April 16). It sounds like maybe they had seen a gossip magazine claiming they're not such a happy couple after all.

So, as he is accustomed to do, Shelton tweeted about it.

"Me and @mirandalambert are reading about our separation ... Shit!! I hope I get all the liquor in the divorce!!!" he wrote.

And Lambert responded, "@blakeshelton: Me & @mirandalambertare reading about our separation. I hope I get all the liquor in the divorce! ... AND the imaginary baby?!"

Plus, she responded to a follower who asked her, "Don't you guys separate every six months and have a baby every three months?" Lambert just told him, "Yes, it's very exhausting!!"

But while I was watching this conversation take place between Lambert and Shelton and a few lucky followers, I realized Lambert hardly ever tweets. Especially when you compare her to her loquacious spouse.

Shelton has tweeted more than 16,100 times, but Lambert only has about 2,900 tweets out there. That means she doesn't even have half the tweets he does. In fact, she only has about 18 percent the tweets of Shelton.

It seems like she tweets once or twice every few days. But Shelton? There's no rhyme or reason to his tweeting patterns. But I will say that in addition to tweeting about The Voice, his wife and his drinking, Shelton is very good about retweets and replying to his followers. I mean, not to me personally, but to the rest of his nearly 6 million followers.

So is this just a case of opposites attracting? Is she social-network shy and he's uninhibited? Is Lambert too private or is Shelton too public? Or does he just do enough tweeting for the entire household?

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