CMT Premiere: MaRynn Taylor Releases Free-Spirited Music Video For Single, "Every Single Summer"

MaRynn Taylor: "No matter what your memories of summer might be, this video takes you back to those experiences."

Country music artist MaRynn Taylor is encouraging fans to embrace the warm weather in the latest anthem, "Every Single Summer." The Michigan native penned the breezy single alongside Jason Earley and Jonathan Gamble. Through imagery, the group of songsmiths flawlessly painted a picture of young summer love.

Taylor reflects on a fling she once had with a blue-eyed heartthrob within the mid-tempo melody. The fast-rising vocalist explains how she fell head over heels lakeside, and what it was like dancing to a Dierks Bentley song under the beaming sun, and the sweet memories of driving around town in a hand-me-down Ford. Although the flame between the two has gone out, Taylor wonders if her long-lost lover thinks about her "Every Single Summer."

"Most of the year I'm fine without you |But every single summer | I still think about how | We used to ride around town | In your hand me down ford |Park it by the water | Start floatin' like bobbers | Until the sun-kissed the shore| It was you and me | Living bigger than we could afford |Sitting in a sycamore tree| Every single summer | I wonder if you think about me," sings the songstress backed by uplifting guitar riffs and a steady drumbeat.

To bring the summer romance to life, Taylor turned to video director Kristin Barlowe. The Nashville newcomer told CMT that she shared a similar idea with the well-respected creative, as they both wanted country fans to crave summertime while watching the feel-good video.

"Kristin Barlowe and I both had the same vision for this music video. We wanted it not only look like summer but feel like summer. Fun, outdoorsy, adventurous. It tells that story of summer perfectly," she pointed out. "No matter what your memories of summer might be, this video takes you back to those experiences."

The three-minute clip is a flashback to all the fun festivities the two love birds experienced together. For instance – they fooled around in a farmhouse with friends, went canoeing in a lake, had a picnic, and even played with sparklers when the sun began to set.

The chemistry captured in the clip is contagious, as the performers do a remarkable job of creating a carefree atmosphere. Taylor did not fail to mention that the group in the music video started off as strangers and became fast friends on set.

"There were a lot of fun memories from shooting that day, but one of them sticks out in my head. The cast and I were standing outside the barn before shooting the first scene all together," she explained. "We were having fun, messing around, and we were instantly all friends. Someone had said to all of us we looked like the Scooby Doo characters. We looked at each other for a second, and we were like "oh yeah we kinda do, don't we?!" we really looked like we were about to go on this mission into the barn and fight bad guys like Scooby and the gang did!"

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Taylor hopes that the music video inspires fans to put down their cell phones and have some old-fashion fun outside.

"I hope that this summer y'all can turn the screens off, go outside and make some fun memories. Go make a new friend, go watch a sunset, go swimming, watch some fireworks, catch some fireflies (or lightning bugs), make a s'more, tell your crush you like them, slow dance in headlights, go to the beach and take a lot of pictures. Whatever it is, just make some memories that you will remember every single summer," she stressed.

When Barlowe presented the finalized cut of the music video, Taylor said she was surprised by the quality and how she effortlessly told the love story.

"When I watched it for the first time, I knew it was gonna be good but didn't know how good," Taylor exclusively shared with CMT. "It blew my mind that it was my video. Kristin Barlowe made the song come to life and made me love my song even more because of it. I could finally see what I was feeling when I sing the song. When I was done watching it for the first time, I couldn't wait for the day the world would see it. And now, with the help of CMT, quite literally the world is able to see it. I hope the world feels the same way I did the first time seeing it.. just so excited for summer!!"

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