'CMT Insider' Interview: Taylor Swift on Conclusion of Tour, Summer Plans

Superstar Talks About Working on New Album and Moving Into Her Condo

When Taylor Swift ended her Fearless tour earlier this month at Gillette Stadium near Boston, she talked to CMT Insider's Katie Cook about her life on the road and plans for the summer. Here's a portion of the interview:

We were with you when you kicked off your Fearless tour in Evansville, Ind., in 2009. Does that seem like a lifetime ago now?

Swift: It does. It was 15 months ago that we started this tour ... and it's slowly morphed into a more advanced version of what we started 15 months ago. I'm so excited that we're ending it in a stadium.

And it's a huge amount of people here. The Evansville show was almost 13,000 people, but this is almost 60,000.

I know. I keep having these moments where throughout the course of the day I'm like, "We're gonna play in a stadium tonight. We're gonna end the tour in a stadium -- 60,000 people." That's just so beautiful to try and wrap your mind around. And it's our second stadium that we've played on this tour, and I don't think that the newness is ever going to wear off playing stadiums for me.

With the tour over, do you think might actually get to do normal things -- like go to the movies?

Well, I'm actually going to be working on my record nonstop.

But you're supposed to have some time off this summer, aren't you?

For me, time off is working on a project and writing nonstop and spending all day and all night trying to get the exact perfect word for the third word in the second line of the bridge. For me, my life is a crossword puzzle at times. Like when I'm making an album, it's all about filling in the blanks and making it click. And when it finally does, it's so worth it.

The last time we talked to you was in New York in December, and you were in the midst of this tornado of activity. Do you feel like it's calmed down a bit?

In some ways. I've just been kind of making an album and playing shows every week. It's weird to say that it feels like I've settled into sort of a normal routine where I'll play three or four shows a week, and the days that I'm not playing shows, I'm recording or sitting in my producer's basement, and we're like tweaking little things about mixes and adding little instrument parts. It's really a fun way to live, and it's a fun way to spend the summer. I'm so excited about just throwing myself into making the album completely, but it does feel like I get some time to go over and check on my condo and the construction.

How's that going, by the way?

Oh, it's going awesome. I'm so excited. I keep saying that it's going to be a month before I can move in ... As time goes by, everybody around me is saying, "OK, six months ago, it was going to be a month before you can move in." But I have also kept adding things, so it's kind of my fault.

I heard you have a birdcage?

Yeah, but it's giant. It's like people-sized. You can put a table in there, and I'm going to. I'm so excited.

Just eat dinner in a birdcage in your condo?

You know, why wouldn't you?

In a recent interview, Lady Gaga admitted she loves to sing "You Belong With Me" at the top of her lungs. She said, "I think it's because it's very whimsical in a way that I'm not necessarily whimsical. When it comes on, I want to sing it. Every woman feels that way." What do you think about that?

I loved that. That absolutely made my day when I read that because I'm a huge fan of hers. I remember the first time I ever saw her on TRL. I was at MTV and was watching the monitor, and she was doing, I think, her first interview on TRL. She had a leotard on, and I just thought to myself, "That's so daring. Her music must be daring like that." I went home and downloaded "Just Dance," and it turns out that it was. And every move she's made in her career is just as daring as wearing a leotard on TRL, so I'm a huge fan of hers. That really, really made me smile, so I appreciated that.

How does it feel to be chosen for the CoverGirl ad campaign?

Really cool. I remember when I was a little kid, I used to always think about what that must be like. And I never thought that it was ever possible for me to be in a CoverGirl ad. So it was really, really cool, and everybody that I've worked with at CoverGirl has been really nice to me. They're all about just kind of being yourself and how makeup fits into your life. And I really like that. I have fun putting on makeup before I go onstage every night because I always do my hair and makeup myself on tour. So it's really cool because I've really loved makeup for a long time.

Any more movie roles coming up?

I'm not making any movies right now. I'm making music, and that's always been my No. 1 love. It's been so cool to be able to be a part of things that have been really fun, like being in Valentine's Day and getting to guest star in CSI. ... I feel like I get to do tiny little mini-movies when I make music videos, so that kind of fulfills that little need and desire for me. But if I ever get time, I'd really like to do that.

There's a moment in your concerts where you actually walk through the crowd. What does that feel like? The energy must be incredible.

There is a moment during the show where I pop up in a different place in the arena, all the way at the end of the arena up in the back rows. It's really a fun moment for me because it's an element of surprise, and I love creating those in the show. Also, I walk down through all the fans and get to give them hugs and say hi to them, and it's really cool to get to do that. It's also really fun to get to do that at stadiums because there's just a certain energy. There are 60,000 people instead of 15,000, and that just adds something.

I'm just impressed that you can get back there.

Thank you. We map it out. We're pretty calculated about it, and it's sort of like my secret agent moment of the night.

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