CMT Roundup: New Music From Brandy Clark, Michael Ray, Chase Wright And More

Hear this week’s new country songs in CMT’s The RoundUp playlist.

Brandy Clark, Michael Ray, Chase Wright, Kristian Bush and more are among the artists who released new songs this Friday. Add your favorites to your anytime playlist or check out CMT’s The Roundup.

Michael Ray, “We Should Get A Drink Sometime”: “I typically end up cutting more songs than I need when I’m in the studio, and sadly that means there are a few that never get to see the light of day,” Ray said. “But this song has always been special to me, and it felt like the right time to put it out there. This one is for those of you traveling home for the holidays and reconnecting with those people in your life that you’ve lost touch with, whether you reach out or run into someone you didn’t expect to see.”

Redferrin, “Miss Summer”: “’Miss Summer’ is all about a memory,” Redferrin said. “Even if you’ve never been in summer love, we all know how it feels when the summer ends. It goes by too fast and always leaves you wanting more.”

Brandy Clark, “Dear Insecurity”: "Usually, when somebody hurts you, it's their own insecurities," Clark said. "I was trying to remind myself of that."

Shane Profitt, “Good Luck And God”: “‘Good Luck And God’ was the first track I wrote after I got my publishing deal, still in shock I was seeing my dreams come true,” shared Profitt. “While writing it, I got the call that after years of trying, my sister was finally going to be a mom. At that moment, I knew this song was bigger than just my story. We’ve all had powerful moments in life that shouldn’t simply be chalked up to luck. I wanted this to be a reminder that sometimes luck can’t explain away those God-sized circumstances.”

Chase Wright, “Who I Want To Be”: "Every day, you're getting closer to who you want to be, but you're not there yet," Wright said. "I made mistakes in a relationship and really hurt a lot of people. Looking back, I was able to grow so much from it. But it was very difficult, and to be the bad guy in a situation is never easy."

Adam Doleac, “Dare You To Move”: “There will never be a better version of this song that the original, but I hope I was to do Switchfoot some justice with this cover,” Doleac said. “This is the first song I remember loving in my life.”

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