WATCH: Luke Bryan Calls Fans Out For Fighting During "Buy Dirt," Suggests a "Joint"

Luke Bryan: "I mean, why the hell were y'all fighting during 'Buy Dirt'? This isn't Limp Bizkit or nothing."

Luke Bryan unveiled a new rule at an Ohio show recently – no fighting on his birthday.

Bryan, who turned 46 last week, stopped his Ohio concert to scold a couple of rowdy concertgoers – behavior he implied was more expected at a different type of concert. The scuffle erupted during Bryan’s performance of his Jordan Davis chart-topper “Buy Dirt.”

"I mean, why the hell were y'all fighting during 'Buy Dirt'? This isn't Limp Bizkit or nothing. Freakin' Gwar," he said, referencing heavy rock groups.

Bryan said he saw someone get hit really hard and offered a solution.

“Chill out,” he said. “Find a joint or something, smoke a joint. I know y'all got that (stuff)."

The singer then pretended to be high and used a stoned voice, saying: "Dude, man, bro, dude, did you see those people upset, bro?"

Then he snapped back to normal and added: "It's my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday night!"

Bryan recently launched his Raised Up Right Tour that will continue through October. He recently made news when he fell on the stage again in North Carolina. During his performance of “That’s My Kind Of Night” earlier this month, the singer lost his balance and tumbled on the stage without missing a single lyric. When he got his bearings, Bryan started thrusting into the air.

Bryan’s tour manager rushed out to help him, but Bryan waved him away and later hopped up and resumed dancing. But, not before having a laugh at his own expense.

It’s not the first time Bryan has fallen on stage.

In 2014, Bryan stepped off the edge of the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina and fell to the floor between the stage and the barricade. He was helped back on stage and said that the last time he was in North Carolina, he fell on stage. So that brings Bryan to a total of at least three falls in the Tar-heel State.

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