Kane Brown Announces New Label, 1021 Entertainment, Signs Restless Road

Country star Brown announces joint venture partnership with Sony Music Nashville

Following a recent announcement that he has an album-length project prepared to release in 2021, country star Kane Brown has kept the good news coming by announcing his creation of a new label, 1021 Entertainment, in a joint venture partnership with Sony Music Nashville. As well, he announced the signing of Restless Road -- a Nashville-based trio -- to the label.

"I want to give people chances to succeed. With 1021 Entertainment, I feel like we have a platform and team that can mentor and build up talent in country music. With my own label, I want to use it as an opportunity to shape and promote artists that may not have gotten a chance otherwise, for Restless Road and others in the future."

Restless Road's signing also has them releasing their debut -- and 1021's first -- single, "Took One Look at Her Momma." Brown's signing of the band is not without him having a well-established past (and likely a future) with the artists. They were the opening act on his possibly renewed in late 2021 Worldwide Beautiful Tour. Plus, he's appeared on a version of the group's John Denver-inspired "Take Me Home."

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Regarding their latest single, Restless Roads' Garret Nichols says, "The song stemmed from a really entertaining conversation my dad and I had where he was basically sharing fatherly wisdom on everything from fishing to finding the right woman. He continues, "[The band] loved the idea of 'Took One Look at Her Momma' as a song title, and once we all got into the writing room, it came together pretty quickly from there."

Sony Music Nashville's A&R director Margaret Tomlin is "excited to welcome Restless Road to [Sony Music Nashville's] roster. She adds, "Colton, Zach, and Garrett each bring undeniable talent, dedication, and innovation to this trio. It has also been rewarding to collaborate on this project with Kane and watch him mentor and advise as a label partner in ways only a superstar artist can."

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