Mackenzie Porter Teases Unreleased Track “Confession” And Talks Upcoming Collaboration With The Cheat Codes

Mackenzie Porter confirms that her forthcoming record will be released after her fall run with Brad Paisley.

Canadian actress turned country music star Mackenzie Porter has new music on the horizon. The chart-topping artist previously took to social media to tease “Confession,” a melancholy single destined to pull at heartstrings nationwide. 

The fast-rising artist filmed herself getting lost in the razor-sharp lyrics from her Tennessee home. Porter penned the weighted words that deliver a twisted tale about an individual grieving a breakup and wishing they could vocalize their gut-wrenching feelings to their ex-lover.  

“If I have on confession | You’ve been my hardest lesson| I had a dream about you last night | Woke up missing what you felt like | Our friends say you seem happy now | And I’m probably the last one you want reaching out | But my feelings haven’t faded | And If I thought I could say it | I’d scream it from the mountain tops so everyone would know |  I’d hold onto you for dear life I’d never let you go | Yah if I have one confession…I’m still in love with you no question,” Porter belts with confidence. 

The vulnerable narrative intertwined with the keyboard-stacked melody, flawlessly complements Porter’s clear sound and instantly cuts deep. The snippet garnered 284.8K views, and 30K likes on TikTok alone. Country music fans rushed to the comments to encourage Porter to release the track sooner than later. 

“Your voice is incredible! So beautiful and talented!” said a follower. “I wish I could say these exact words to my person,” gushed a listener. “This is a masterpiece, Mackenzie! Tell your label we don’t want it. We NEED it! Such a pretty, beautiful, vulnerable song,” added another. 

“Confession” serves as a sneak peek into her forthcoming collection. The breakout star best known for her duet “Thinking ‘Bout You” with Dustin Lynch also shared “Rocket Science” and told CMT that a collaboration with hit-making trio Cheat Codes is just around the corner. 

Porter said the writing a recording process has been going “really well,” as she recently received the finalized mix. 

“It’s called ‘Confession,’ I have been teasing it on my social,” she explained full of excitement. “We probably have five or six other songs we’ve already cut, and I am trying to write the rest. I have another collab coming out, and it’s going be super cool, it’s with the Cheat Codes.” 

The Los Angeles electronic band is comprised of producers and DJs Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell, and KEVI. The platinum-selling artists placed their name on the map with their top 40 Billboard track “No Promises” with pop singer Demi Lovato. After dominating the alt-rock and EDM landscape, Cheat Codes decided to tackle the country genre head-on. The threesome is expected is release their debut country album, “One Night in Nashville- Presented By the Beat Codes,” in January of 2023. 

The trio has joined forces with some of the biggest names in country to cultivate the collection – Little Big Town [“Never Loved You Again], Jimmie Allen [“Lose You”], Lady A [“Something’s Coming”], Russell Dickerson [“I Remember”], Brett Young [ “Hurt That You Gave Me”], country legend Dolly Parton [“Bets on Us”], and more. Porter and the Cheat Codes joined forces on the heartbreak ballad “One Night Left,” a sentimental track that debuted live at Music City’s Grand Prix in early August. 

“They’re doing a country record, and we’re doing a song together,” she confessed about the track called ‘One Night Left.’“ It’s actually about missing somebody and if you had one moment left in life, who would you spend it with. It’s never something I’ve tried to do, but it just happened. I think it’s cool that genres are crossing now, especially in country music," she added about the collaboration. 

She continued to mention what she loved about the song and how she would like her fans to feel while listening. 

“I love the nostalgic feeling. I love to go back in time and remember cool moments,” she pointed out. “I think that’s what It will bring up about people. Maybe somebody that they miss or even that really young love. That feeling of missing that person.” 

Although “One Night Left” won’t be on her forthcoming collection, she said her listeners could expect a tracklist of “11 or 12" songs. The fast-rising star has not confirmed an official release date for the album, but she encourages fans to buy tickets to her upcoming tour with country hitmaker Brad Paisley. For upcoming appearances, visit

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