Who's Ready for Adele's Country Album?

Besides Me, Kelly Clarkson and David Nail?

When I think of “country” and “Adele,” I think of David Nail because of his country version of "Someone Like You."

Putting his country spin -- not to mention all that piano -- on an Adele hit was just intoxicating. So to say I’m ready for Adele herself to do something a little more country is a huge understatement.

Mark Davis/WireImage


And it sounds like I may not have to wait very long. Like maybe it's actually already happened.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kelly Clarkson let the world in on this secret.

“One of the big problems in music, and I think it’s turning around -- with Pink coming out with her thing she did with Dallas (Green), Lady Gaga is showcasing her voice and doing the more Broadway aspect, and even Adele I heard is doing something more country influenced with this next record. The more artists do that, the more open-minded people get and the less formulaic it will sound,” she continued.

I'm all for open-mindedness and less formulaic music. What's your take? Does country have room for another strong female voice?

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