CMT Premiere: Randy Rogers Band Delivers An Electrifying Live Performance In “Fast Car” Music Video

Randy Rogers: “I hope this video reminds fans of just how much fun it’s supposed to be to meet someone you really like, even if it’s at a bar.”

The Lone Star State is well-known for producing some of country music’s biggest stars, including the Randy Rogers Band

The six-man ensemble comprised of Randy Rogers [lead singer], Geoffrey Hill [guitar], Jon Richardson [bass guitar], Brady Black [fiddle], Les Lawless [drums], and Todd Stewart [keyboard and mandolin] has spent nearly two decades single-handedly maintaining the true integrity of Texas Country in San Marcos – a quaint city between Austin and San Antonio. Their traditional sound is displayed in their latest single “Fast Car,” which lives on their 11-song album “Homecoming.”  

Homecoming” follows their critically acclaimed 2019 album “Hellbent,” produced by GRAMMY-winner Dave Cobb. The chart-topping musicians joined forces with long-time collaborator Radney Foster to cultivate their latest project, which reflects on their past and celebrates 20 years together.  

Esteemed songwriters Randy Montana, Wendell Mobley, and Lee Miller co-wrote “Fast Car,” a fan favorite. The captivating storyline touches upon the butterfly-provoking process of falling head-over-heels for someone you like. The imagery-heavy lyrics paint a beautiful picture of two hopeless romantics sparking a relationship, but it’s how the Randy Rogers Band delivers the narrative that brings the track to new heights. 

The way Rogers’ ear-grabbing grit blends effortlessly with the melody infused with heart-thumping percussion and exhilarating guitar pulls, makes “Fast Car” the ultimate love song. Towards the end of the track – Black shreds his fiddle during a mind-blowing solo break, that solidifies their well-deserved place in country music. 

“I bet you drive a fast car | I bet you drove your daddy crazy | Probably been to Bonnaroo and that tattoo | Ain’t the only one you’ve got | Baby I bet you, left a small town hurry | With a rearview mirror full of broken hearts | I bet you drive a fast car,” they sing. 

The promising band teamed up with video director Dustin Haney to bring the lyrics to life. The group filmed at a sticky saloon called Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth, Tx, a venue well-known for welcoming up-and-coming acts. As the Randy Rogers Band played a live performance of “Fast  Car,” Haney captured two strangers slowly catching feelings for each other. 

“The video was filmed early in the morning at Billy Bobs in Ft. Worth, TX. I believe we had to be there around 7 am, which is by far the earliest I have ever set foot in my favorite Honky Tonk! I was drinking coffee for the first time ever at this place!” Rogers exclusively told CMT. “The actors really captured those exciting, early moments of falling for one another. I did tell them that morning on set that this was their only job - and they delivered.”

The frontman explained that his favorite scene was when the actress sat behind the steering wheel of the old-school car and placed her foot on the gas without any fear. 

“I love the car shots with the girl driving fast and smiling like it wasn’t the first time she was about to be pulled over,” said Rogers. “I hope this video reminds fans of just how much fun it’s supposed to be to meet someone you really like, even if it’s at a bar,” he noted. 

When Randy Rogers Band reviewed the final edit, they were overjoyed with the outcome. In fact, the singer-songwriter said that they didn’t have any constructive feedback. 

“Our director Dustin Haney did such an amazing job. After watching it for the first time, I was so happy with the edit that I didn’t have any notes for him,” praised Rogers. “He knocked it out of the park! Fun note, Dustin and I met randomly over a beer at a bar and struck up a conversation. Our chance meeting ended up turning into a great video.” 

Fast Car” made its Texas Country radio debut on Monday, Nov. 14. 

The must-see group has a string of dates scheduled for the rest of 2022 – including a show at the world-renowned bar featured in the music video on Dec. 31. Tickets are currently available for purchase, here

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