Kelsea Ballerini: “I’m Back!”

And “It’s Beautiful to Be Vulnerable”

It felt more like 14 years than 14 days. That’s how long Kelsea Ballerini’s social media break lasted.

After posting on Jan. 19 that she needed to make sure that every second was spent with intention and focus so she could make something beautiful to share, the best part about her return is that she is now everywhere.

Like the cover story for Billboard.

In it, she talks about how perfect the timing of her Grammy nomination for best new artist is, because of the way her heartbreak ballad “Peter Pan” showed the world another side of her.

“There’s something really beautiful about a girl being vulnerable. So often we feel like we need to be defensive in our music,” Ballerini says.

“I love being able to just be like, ‘I’m hurt. This is how I feel,’” she added.

And it's not just her. Ballerini talks about how the rest of the women are doing in country music right now, and how much they are resonating.

“You turn on the radio and hear Miranda [Lambert], Carrie [Underwood], Martina [McBride], Trisha [Yearwood]. And then you hear new artists like myself, Maren [Morris], Cam and Lauren Alaina,” she said.

“It’s working.”

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