Dierks Bentley Is "Thankful For Teachers" After A Year Of Home-Schooling His Children

"Teachers...have the hardest job there is, which is dealing with a bunch of kids," says the "Beers On Me" singer

Dierks Bentley's recently released BRELAND and HARDY collaboration "Beers On Me" takes on a completely different meaning if you hear him discuss the ups and downs of home-schooling his three children for the past year. "[Sometimes, I'd say] This is brutal, this is awful. No one is more thankful for teachers than parents last year, and hopefully we haven’t forgotten that lesson," Bentley told Audacy's Kelly Ford in the Morning show during a recent appearance.

At first, Bentley and his wife, Cassidy, thought homeschooling would be relatively simple. However, that notion changed quickly. “I remember last year everything went down...we gave it [homeschooling] a try and first thing, we crushed it — my wife and I were like, high-fiving each other. We were like, ‘this is so easy,’ the two of us managing three kids, we were just like getting it done.” However, things quickly changed. “The next day it was the complete opposite. I mean, screaming, crying — and that was just us!”

The vocalist currently on his Beers On Me Tour alongside Riley Green and Parker McCollum added, “I have so much respect for teachers and what they do. Sometimes I think we got it turned around backwards. I’m getting paid what I get paid to go play a show and teachers are getting paid what they do [and] they have the hardest job there is, which is dealing with a bunch of kids.”

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