Nine More Country Stars Name Favorite Video

Maybe it's not Throwback Thursday anymore, but I still have more from my 2014 CMT Music Awards red carpet conversations with the country stars when we waxed nostalgic on all the great videos we've seen since CMT first aired 31 years ago. We laughed, we cried, we remembered song titles from decades ago, and when it finally came down to it, we picked our very favorite videos.

Kip Moore: I gotta say -- because I love her so much -- I gotta go with Shania Twain. Especially "Any Man of Mine." That's my personal favorite because that's when I discovered that we were meant to be together. She just doesn't know it yet.

Lady Antebellum's Dave Haywood: That Travis Tritt one where he's in the wheelchair -- "Anymore" -- got me every time.

Eli Young Band's Mike Eli: What's funny for me is that it's like my memory started working at that time that I saw the Trisha Yearwood video for her "She's in Love With the Boy." I watched it so many times, it was such a great tune and her voice is amazing, so it sticks out to me. Same with Reba's "Fancy" and Garth's "Red Strokes."

Krystal Keith: The first time I realized what sexy was was when I saw Shania Twain's "Feel Like a Woman." I thought, "That is what every woman needs to look like." My mom would've killed me if I rocked a crop top like Shania. But that video changed my view from being a total tomboy to being like, "I'm wearing leopard now." I was maybe 13 or 14.

Granger Smith: Garth Brooks' "The Dance." I watched that one with my grandmother over and over and over. She'd record it on the VHS, and we'd watch it till the cows came home.

Eric Paslay: "I Hope You Dance." It was weird because I was only about 17 years old, but I thought it was cool. I remember staying up hoping it would come on. But I also loved Alan Jackson freaking waterskiing in jeans (in his "Chattahoochee" video). That was awesome.

"Captain Dierks Bentley": I gotta be honest. To me as a pilot, "Drunk on a Plane" is definitely my favorite video of all time. I think they should've had more of me in it.

Natalie Stovall: Either Reba's "Fancy" or Travis Tritt's "Anymore." I used to cry every time that I saw that one. Especially that big dramatic sequence in the end.

Sarah Davidson: Deana Carter's "Strawberry Wine." I was at a spend-the-night party. And my friend's mom had the TV on, and I was just standing in front of the TV going, "What is this?!"

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