Blake Shelton: Stories Behind His Hits

Superstar Shares Stories With

If there are two things Blake Shelton is passionate about, it's his music and his drinking. He's made his alcohol consumption a running joke, but he's pretty much allowed his music to speak for itself until agreeing to comment about several of his best-known songs during a conversation with

In an interview and personal annotations, the country superstar and The Voice mentor shares his thoughts about songs ranging from one of his earliest hits (2002's "The Baby") to his latest Top 10 smash ("Gonna").

Regarding "The Baby," Shelton explains why you probably won't be hearing him perform the song the next time you attend one of his concerts.

Writing about "Gonna," the Oklahoma native notes not all song lyrics have to be particularly profound.

Not to overlook his drinking, Shelton also tells that his favorite bar is no longer open.

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