Trace Adkins Reveals Unusual Allergy Symptoms to Chelsea Handler

A very sober Trace Adkins was on Chelsea Lately on Monday night (Oct. 11), and he admitted to host Chelsea Handler that he had trouble with alcohol. "I found out I was allergic to it eight years ago," he said. Then he added that he had classic symptoms of the allergy: "I'd sleep with someone I didn't know and wake up in jail." Sounds like a country song, maybe for his next album. Other than that, the interview is a little awkward because Handler calls Adkins a man of few words. And she's right. He did have some things to say about fellow country singer Blake Shelton ("It's like working with an animal. He's not very smart.") He also mentions movie star Matthew McConaughey, whose name Adkins mispronounces in "Hell, I Can Do That" to get it to rhyme with "romantic comedy."

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