Kelsea Ballerini Plans to Release 'ballerini' As a Follow Up to 'kelsea'

Semi-Mysterious Instagram Post Describes It As "The Other Side of the Same Story"

Wait. What??? It feels like Kelsea Ballerini just released kelsea, and now she's already ready to release ballerini?

She shared the new news on Instagram on Wednesday (Sept. 2), and here's the picture she painted of what this batch of music is all about:

"Half of it’s given to you. It’s the combination of letters that your parents feel will describe who you’ll become. It represents the mystery and the potential you hold. The other half is handed down. It represents generations of a family tree full of history and drama and inherited reasons that contributed to who you are. The two halves together make up your biological name. You can change it, but I never will," Ballerini says of ballerini.

"To me, Kelsea is glitter. She's bold, effervescent, her dreams are boundless. She’s who I want to be.

"The Ballerini? She's emotional, vulnerable, soft. She observes her surroundings and chooses her words carefully. She’s who I am.

"The same songs, from the same heart, just told in a different way. Introducing ballerini: the other side of the same story."

According to a press release, the album will be a collection of the same songs from kelsea that Ballerini carefully deconstructed and re-recorded with minimal accompaniment. The album will be released next Friday (Sept. 11).

And in the meantime, her fans can enjoy her latest video for "Hole in the Bottle."

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