Taylor Swift Fans Petition to Skip School for 'Speak Now' Release

It only takes about 55 minutes to listen to an album. Maybe two hours if you listen to it twice. But still. Someone named Chloe thinks that the Oct. 25 release of Taylor Swift's album, Speak Now, calls for a day off of school. So she created a Twitition, which is like a petition on Twitter, striving to make it a holiday for Swifties (Swift fans). Their mission? "Help persuade Swifties' parents to let the true Swifties stay home from school, or at least half of the school day, on October 25th, in order to buy Taylor's Speak Now album when store doors open." I'm not sure that Swift would want anyone skipping school for her, and she has not virtually signed the Twitition yet. But she was on Twitter last night, telling everyone that she was baking pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese icing because she was very excited about one of her new songs being released.

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