10 Things Greg Kinnear Taught Me About Heaven

Revelations Offered in New Film, 'Heaven Is for Real'

I was dying to get into heaven. So I was there right when the proverbial pearly gates opened on Wednesday (April 16) at my local theater for the new movie Heaven Is for Real. And just like I was hoping, I saw the light. His name is Greg Kinnear.

Kinnear plays Todd Burpo, the man whose son has a near-death experience after a ruptured appendix. During the emergency surgery, the child claims he went to heaven and then comes back to talk about it. Here's what I learned from Kinnear about the kind of heaven that is there for believers.

1. Jesus is the spitting image of Kenny Loggins. Especially from his 1979 solo album Keep the Fire.

2. When there's a happy ending, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" makes it even better.

3. Even a happy ending can have a happy ending, like when Rascal Flatts' "Compass" plays over the closing credits.

4. If you find a man who is a minister, a garage door repairman, a high school wrestling coach and a volunteer firefighter, you should marry him.

5. Holy movies that open on the eve of the Paschal Triduum prepare you to celebrate Easter in a way that no Lenten sacrifice can.

6. "I lifted up" are the most adorable three words a 4-year-old could say to describe a short trip to heaven.

7. Everybody's young in heaven.

8. Nobody wears glasses in heaven.

9. As Kinnear searches for a rational explanation of what happened to his son, his wife, played by Kelly Reilly, asks him, "Why can't it just be a mystery?" Aren't rhetorical questions some of the best answers anyway?

10. Group hugs get me every time.

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