Jimmie Allen Shares What Excites Him Most About Joining Brad Paisley's Tour

Allen and Paisley recently collaborated on the song "Freedom Was A Highway"

As part of his 2020 EP Bettie James, Jimmie Allen recorded the song "Freedom Was A Highway," and welcomed Brad Paisley to join him on the track.

Now, Allen will open for Paisley's tour this summer, and recently told CMT Radio's Cody Alan he's looking forward to performing the song with Paisley each night on the road.

"Man I am super excited! We got the offer to go out with Brad, and I was like, "Yes! Let's make it happen! Whatever we gotta do to make it happen! It's cool because we get to sing it together every night," he says of joining Paisley for "Freedom Was A Highway" onstage.

Allen, who co-wrote the song alongside Ash Bowers and Matt Rogers, also spoke of what "Freedom Was A Highway" means to him.

"I am super sentimental. You know? I love my small town, where I am from. I love the people there. Life is simple...The highlight of our day, you know, once I got older, was just hoping in a truck, going fishing during the day, cruising down our favorite roads, and going to the Moose Lodge and getting a pitcher of beer for $1.25," he says.

"It's simple. You know? Riding past my family's farm, seeing my friends' potato farm, and you know chicken plants, and everyone that I have talked to said that when they hear it, they think about their first crush. They think about their favorite road to just drive down. Like that line, 'When the town was the whole world. And love was the girl next door,' that was about my first crush on my neighbor's sister."

The tour launches June 5 at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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