Everything We Know About Brothers Osborne's 'Port Saint Joe'

Detail New Album Ahead of 2018 Grammy Performance

On Monday (Jan. 28), Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne and LANCO met with media at Nashville's Whiskey Row to discuss Bentley's upcoming Mountain High Tour.

But as the media questioned all three acts about the new run and music, TJ Osborne's phone kept vibrating.

"It's probably my mom," he said. "She's been blowing me up like, 'Now can I bring this friend to the Grammys?' I'm like, 'No you can't.'"

The Brothers Osborne head to Sunday's (Jan. 28) 60th annual Grammy Awards with a nomination for best country duo/group performance for "It Ain't My Fault," the final single from their breakout album Pawn Shop. That night they, Maren Morris and Eric Church will perform a tribute to the victims of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

"There's a lot of nerves around playing the Grammys because you're in front of the upper echelon of all genres in one room," TJ said. "For me, I think I'll be far more emotional than I will be nervous. I think that's my only actual worry is actually getting through the performance in that regard."

"The most important thing about that moment is honoring the victims and their families above all else," John added, "and I just hope that at the end of the day we can help heal something, at least a little bit."

On April 20, the CMA's reigning duo of the year will start a new chapter in their career with the release of its sophomore effort, Port Saint Joe. The album gets its title from the Florida destination where they recorded the album over two weeks at producer Jay Joyce's beach house.

John said making the album outside Music Row helped eliminate distractions in the recording process.

"We just set up mics, and we set up a desk and Jay ... he had his brother in the kitchen that was attached to where we were playing in the living room, and so we could solo some tracks and hear pots and pans clanging," he said. "That's how we did it. To get away from the distractions allows you to focus in a lot more creative way."

The lead track from the new collection is "Shoot Me Straight," a breakup anthem co-written with Lee Thomas Miller. TJ revealed the song started as a ballad, but then they added a guitar lick that completely changed the song's direction.

"We thought the song was good, but we didn't think it would have anything super unique about it or memorable," he said. "And there was this lick that we were throwing around at several writes that John had the idea of marrying these two ideas. And then instantly we knew right there that it would be a song that we would record."

What started as a ballad turned into a six-and-a-half-minute long barn-burner that ends a fiery guitar breakdown that lasts more than half of the song's duration.

Shoot Me Straight (In The Studio) by Brothers Osborne on VEVO.

"We thought it would be one of the [riskiest] singles to lead the album," he added, "which I don't know why we're attracted to the hard road. I don't know why that happens. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of an underdog. But we decided to lead with that knowing it would be difficult considering that the full version is six-and-a-half minutes long.

"We knew it was us, and we knew it was different. We knew that we liked it, and we like stirring up the pot."

Here is the full track listing for Port Saint Joe:

1. "Slow Your Roll" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Barry Dean, Troy Verges)

2. "Shoot Me Straight" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Lee Thomas Miller)

3. "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Shane McAnally, Matt Dragstrem)

4. "Weed, Whiskey and Willie" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Laura Veltz)

5. "Tequila Again" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Kendall Marvel)

6. "A Couple Wrongs Makin' It Alright" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Connie Harrington)

7. "Pushing Up Daisies" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Kendall Marvel)

8. "Drank Like Hank" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Kendall Marvel)

9. "A Little Bit Trouble" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Dave Barnes)

10. "While You Still Can" (John Osborne, TJ Osborne, Travis Meadows)

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