OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban "Insanely Jealous" of Dave Matthews

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I had a feeling that under all that glamour, Nicole Kidman had a sense of humor. And I was right. When Access Hollywood asked her what husband Keith Urban thought of her touchy-feely scenes with Dave Matthews in the new movie Just Go With It, she said, "Oh, he was insanely jealous." It was a joke, and a damn good one, and a great way to lighten to mood of the interview since the movie itself is a lighthearted one. "No, he loves Dave. He says Dave is such an extraordinary musician so they would just sit around and talk about music actually," she added. What isn't particularly funny, though, is how Kidman's role in the movie is what's called an "unbilled cameo." Her role as Devlin is meant to be a surprise, so you won't see her in any trailers or the television commercials. Which means that to see Kidman getting her flirt on with Matthews, you actually have to see the movie. It opens Friday (Feb. 11).

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