CMT Premiere: Kat & Alex Proves That True Love Exists With Fairytale Ballad, “I Want It All”

Kat & Alex: “Seeing the final video was emotional. Our director Doltyn Snedden and his team did an incredible job putting the story together. We felt every emotion each step of the way.”

The cliché motto – “When you meet the right person, you know it” is frequently tossed around by hopeless romantics. However, the lucky ones who find their other half, such as husband-and-wife duo Kat & Alex, would quickly vouch for this saying.

It was a vibrant Sunday morning in Miami when Alex attended church to perform alongside the worship team. While sharing his soul-touching vocals and with the sunshine peeping through the colorful stained-glass windows, his soon-to-be wife was sitting within the pews, captivated by his musical gift, and of course, his Puerto Rican charm. At the time, Kat was a regular at the evening services, but it was their faith that pulled the two together at the right place and at the right time. After one date, the two forged an eternal bond, and they instantly realized that they were a match made in heaven.

Kat was only 19-years-old, and Alex was 26 when they exposed their love for one another on Season 18 of American Idol. With their fingers interlocked, the two delivered a chill-provoking rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow.”

“I believe in love again,” claimed Katy Perry with tears in her eyes after the performance. “I have never seen two people complement each other so well,” said Lionel Richie in disbelief.

Kat & Alex’s magnetic love and mesmerizing sound have a unique way of pulling listeners in – leaving their romantic connection to be one of their musical superpowers. Therefore, the duo decided to reflect on their honorable relationship to pen love-centric ballad, “I Want It All.”

Within the lyrics, the duo communicates their dedication to the relationship – emphasizing that even the bad or the ugly won’t break their unconditional love. To bring the fairytale narrative to life, the two called in their good friend and director Doltyn Snedden to assist with the music video.

“The music video for ‘I Want It All’ brought the song to life by showing real-life footage from our relationship,” the couple exclusively told CMT. “We intentionally wanted to showcase our journey through the past 3 years from the day it all started up to now. The song 'I Want It All' talks about loving someone through thick and thin. It is essentially wedding vows in a song,” they added.

In the moving clip, the two are seen gazing into each other’s eyes while harmonizing and displaying their arena-ready vocal range. While Kat & Alex simply sit on stools conveying the hefty lyrics, they prove that true love still exists with a montage of monumental moments projected behind them.

The music video begins with black-and-white footage of Kat on her wedding day, sporting her eye-catching white gown stitched with fine lace and a glimpse of her custom-made engagement ring. During the instrumental introduction, Alex meets Kat in a middle of an open field dressed to the nines, ready to tie the knot. Throughout the rest of the clip, the two share snapshots from the day they met each other’s family, when Alex purchased Kat's engagement ring, buying a home, becoming dog parents, and even their proposal at Nashville’s iconic Sound Emporium Studios.

“One of the best memories for both of us while shooting the video was on getting to watch the original footage play on the big screen behind us the second day of filming,” they shared.“Everyone in the room got a little bit emotional. It reminded us how far God has brought us in such a short amount of time.”

Although “I Want It All” is destined to be the wedding song of 2022, the happy couple would like their fans not in a romantic relationship to find a connection within the video and also feel inspired to seek love.

“We hope fans feel a new spark of love and hope after watching this video. Whether someone is single, dating, newly married, or married for over 20 years- all we want is for viewers to feel inspired to love no matter what,” they stressed to CMT.

In true Kat & Alex fashion, the duo is expected to push the boundaries of mainstream country and incorporate their Latin flair into the romantic ballad. The husband-and-wife outliers will be dropping a Spanish version of “I Want It All” as well.

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