Maren Morris Goes Live to Talk About Her Really Medicinal Cry for Hope

"It's Been Good to Find Ourselves Outside of Music," She Says of Quarantine

On Wednesday evening (Sept. 2), Maren Morris performed virtually for fans with a show on RADIO.COM LIVE. But first, she talked. About everything from the quarantining with a baby, her recent No. 1 song, her brand new single, and what she thinks it will feel like when she can finally take the stage again.

On spending time at home with her husband Ryan Hurd and their baby boy Hayes:

"We're good. I'm in my basement right now. We're just enjoying this time at home. We'll probably never have another year like this, so we're taking it as a positive. I was kind of building out my bus to have a crib and all the baby stuff on it, and Ryan was gonna be opening for me on the road. Now we have all this time back, and it's nice for the first year of Hayes' life to have so much focus and time at home with him.

On the up sides of the downtime:

"I've watched the entire series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ryan's been cooking a lot, and we've also been doing absolutely nothing which has been nice. And slowly getting back into the writing thing. And we've been to Michigan to see Ryan's family a couple times this summer. It's been good to find ourselves outside of music, and see what else we can do with our time."

On having "The Bones" land at No. 1:

"Just from the friends I'd play the demo for to now, it's just such a really quick, guttural reaction to a song. It's been a family favorite. 'The Bones' was always their favorite. And I think it's resonated -- especially this year -- because it's amounted to more than a relationship or a love song. It's amounted to being this really medicinal cry for hope in a time where it's very unsteady and unpredictable. And 2020 being a complete mess. That's been cool to have a song that transcends the moment I wrote it in and has lasted. It will hopefully become timeless."

On her new single "To Hell & Back":

"I wanted it to feel really country because the lyrics are very rootsy and emotional, and I didn't want to take away from the meaning behind them with a big, heavy production. So it's just kind of beautiful, melancholy kind of song. I like love songs that feel real. I wanted it to be a meatier love song than what I'm used to hearing."

On her first show back on the other side of the pandemic:

"I mean, I'm definitely gonna cry a lot. I hope we all do. We should be thankful and kissing the ground that live music walks on because we never really realized how precious it was when we had it. And I think when we come back -- fans, artists, bands and crews -- everyone is gonna be so grateful and gracious. The kind of spiritual element of standing in a roomful of strangers connecting to the same thing for an hour or two: that is missed this year. It sucks, because what we need so much right now is the unity of music and what live shows bring."

Watch Morris perform this acoustic basement show with "The Bones," "To Hell & Back," "Rich," and her breakout hit "My Church.

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