WATCH: The Highwomen Are Ready to Take on the World While We're Young and Able

We're Inviting Ourselves to the House with a "Crowded Table"

Did we all just get an invitation to Maren Morris' next dinner party?

Because that's kind of how it feels to watch the brand new "Crowded Table" video from Morris' supergroup with Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby and Amanda Shires: The Highwomen. The song itself was written by Carlile, Hemby and Lori McKenna, and is on the band's self-titled debut album from last year.

Hemby talked with CBS about what the song means now that socially distancing has pulled us away from those coveted crowded tables and basically from crowds in general. "Isn't that what we all wish we had now," Hemby said. "I want to be around my buddies again. I will never complain again about playing a show. We're so ready to play music again.

"That's the only weird comforting thing about it. It's not just one person. We're all affected by it together. I can only imagine the celebration when we all come back together. Hope is a dangerous thing," she added, "but it's a wonderful thing. People will want to hear music again."

In the CBS video call with Hemby, Carlile and Morris, the conversation inevitably turned to Morris' newborn baby Hayes. "I was writing in his baby book, 'Hey, we can't go anywhere the first month of your life because there's a global pandemic happening.' I can't wait, one day, to be at an actual table with these women again and break bread and do what the song says.

"It's a beautiful sentiment at this time."

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